4 easy paths to make your custom pyramid boxes catchy and for your bra

In this world, nobody stops the race of competition between brands. All and sundry brands try new and creative styles of packaging to make their product visible to the audiences. So, when we talk about the prettiness and uniqueness of packaging, one of the most well-known types of packaging that comes to our mind is custom pyramid boxes. Here are some qualities of these boxes for you:

  • It available in various sizes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easily print in any design

Now it’s time to see some ways to make pyramid packaging engaging and splendid for your products.


Pick vibrant and attractive colors themes


With a style of packaging, the colors combination also plays a vital role in attracting customers. Plus, all people do not have the same color choices, and some differences have existed among them. In this regard, you need to pick vibrant and vivid colors for your pyramid boxes that have the prowess to draw the attention of all ages of people to your products. Just consider the product you want to pack inside the box while choosing the color combination for them. Ask the packaging supplier to assist you in the color selection of the right shade for wholesale pyramid boxes by using CMYK and PMS color models.


High-quality HD can make a difference


Our other way is the selection is to choose high quality and spellbinding HD quality graphic design to make your printed pyramid boxes distinctive in the industry. Plus, your graphic must be related to the products you pack inside the box and provide information about them. For example, you want to pack chocolate and truffle in pyramid boxes and then use such a graphic design that shows inside chocolate on the box.

Apply spot UV pattern

Spot UV pattern provides the gloss of the box’s particular space that attracts the users from a long distance. So, you can add spot UV pattern coating on your printed pyramid boxes to provide distinction to a particular area. You can use for logo, brand name, and specific parts of the design that you want prominent for your target audiences.


Add a touch of foiling in pyramid boxes


Foiling is the key element that increases your product’s beauty and makes them different from other sorts of packaging. So, you can use foiling on gift pyramid boxes to increase the adorability of your gifts. If you are a gift seller, then it must increase your sales of those items and ornaments that you pack in the pyramid boxes. You can use various shapes of foiling that are enlisting below for you:

  • Rose gold
  • Silver
  • Rouge
  • Burgundy
  • Turquoise
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Silver


Ending thoughts for making your custom pyramid boxes adorable:

The gist of the above explains discussion shows the 6 ways every brand uses to make custom pyramid boxes adorable and enticing that grasp the attention of your end-users. So, apply UB spot pattern, foiling, print influencing artwork and drawings, use windows and high-quality HD graphic designs for graphic designs to increase the value of your brands.

Written by Linda Shelton

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