Top 5 Features of a Doctor Appointment App

Are you involved in the healthcare industry and spending hours every day scheduling your appointments with the patients? If yes,  then you need to take the advantage of a doctor appointment app to effectively schedule your appointments with the aid of technology?

The demand for doctor appointment apps is at its peak. Hence it becomes essential for healthcare providers to develop their doctor appointment app with highly useful features to boost their patient reach.

There are various features required to build the best on-demand doctor mobile application. It should have all the necessary features that your patients can easily use.

This blog will help you. On Demand doctor appointment app development company is helpful for start-ups, young entrepreneurs and the stakeholders which are in the medical field.

According to a report, there are only 10% of medical apps available and they are doing very well in the market.

The best thing about the medical field is that they have practical and imperative features. So, this research tells us that there are lots of opportunities available in the online medical area.

In this informative blog post, I will help you understand the top 5 features of a doctor appointment app. So with no further ado, let’s scroll down to learn about the top doctor appointment app features.

The Main Doctor Appointment App Features That You Must Need to Have

To be successful with your doctor-on-demand appointment app, you need to have some unique and proven features that solve the problem of the users. Here goes our list of some of the most unique features of the doctor appointment app.

1. Offline and Online Doctor Appointment Booking

A doctor appointment booking app needs to offer the patient’s ability to schedule the appointment both offline and online.

The booking capabilities of the app need to be intuitive and proficient enough to work at the right time.

You should present the users with a calendar on which they can choose the date and time on which they want to schedule an appointment with the doctor.

2. Admin Panel for Mobile App

An online doctor appointment booking app needs to be built with an admin panel where an authorized person can perform multiple things to ensure the smooth working of the application.

Through the admin panel, the authorised person can manage the profile of both doctors and patients.

If any patients or doctors are found to be involved in inappropriate activities, then the admin can suspend them from the application to ensure the integrity of the application.

3. Well-Organized Doctor Profile

A well-organized doctor’s profile that presents the information with all the essential information such as doctor’s specialization, location, previous patient reviews, appointment charges set by the doctor and doctor’s working hours.

This information will help the patient to make a wise selection of the doctor. The doctor could also use this information to put some marketing and promotional items to draw the attention of the patient’s.

4. Online Video Chat Functionality

Online video chat became so much popular at an unprecedented time brought Covid-19. Patients are using this feature to follow up their appointment with their concerned doctors without leaving the comfort zone of their home.

5. Reminders & notification

Your doctor appointment app should be proficient enough to remind your patient regarding upcoming appointments, so they never miss out on any scheduled appointment. For this purpose push notification would work best.


So, after reading this post, you might be able to find out some essential features that you must implement with your doctor appointment scheduling app.

Written by Bispendra Singh

Bispendra likes to share his opinions on the IT industry via blogs. His interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which include Amazon App clone script,  TaskRabbit Clone Script, urban clap clone script, App Clone Like Ola, taxi app development company, payment gateway clone script, laundry app development company, Olx clone script, quikr clone script, Matrimony Software, matrimonial script, matrimonial app development, courier delivery app development company, on-demand courier delivery app web, and app development services.


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