What Are The Benefits Of Shared Hosting For New Bloggers?

The majority of the world is currently under lockdown in some form or another, which means that a lot of people have a lot more free time. Many people have been inspired to express their artistic side as a result of this. People are doing it in a variety of ways, one of which is through blogging.

Some new authors are keeping a diary of their lockdown experiences on their blogs, while others are using humour to lift people out of their lockdown blues. Whatever the specialty, blogging appears to be resurgent.

If you want to join this tribe of bloggers, you’ll need to choose and decide on various things, including the name of your blog, the design of your website, the hosting company, your specialty, your marketing goals, and much more.

However, one aspect of your website that you may not have given much thought to is the type of hosting you desire. There are numerous alternatives available, including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and virtual private server (VPS) hosting. Few hosting alternatives, however, can match Shared Hosting’s versatility and cost savings.

What is Shared Hosting?

One of the greatest web hosting solutions for new is shared hosting. Multiple websites are housed on a same physical server with shared website hosting. The space and hosting resources of a single server are shared by all of the websites on the server.

Benefits of Shared Hosting for new bloggers

1. Pricing

If you’re beginning a blog from the ground up, you’ll need to invest some money in getting things set up. You’ll need a professionally-designed website, as well as the money to have it hosted on a server.

The last thing you need in the midst of these initial costs is an overpriced hosting package. One of the most cost-effective types of hosting is shared hosting. The reason for this is that many websites are housed on a single server, allowing costs to be shared.

It will take some time for you to create a stable audience who will follow you when your blog is new. So you don’t require a lot of storage or processing power till then. Your website should be designed to appeal to a small group of people. For these purposes, shared hosting is ideal.

2. Designed for newbies

If you want to be a culinary or travel blogger, you may not be familiar with the intricacies of hosting. You may also be new to the world of website design and security configurations, as well as other related topics.

Many other components of web hosting necessitate some level of expertise to manage. It may not be much, but you will need some knowledge of server configuration, security protocols, and so on.

Shared Hosting, on the other hand, is designed for those who are just getting started. You get a website manager like cPanel or Plesk, which is simple to use and straightforward. You’ll also get a lot of support with website design and other things. The idea behind shared hosting is that a complete novice with no prior knowledge of web hosting can sit in front of a computer and configure everything with little to no assistance.

If web hosting and development are not your strong suits, this type of user interface will come in handy. As a result, shared hosting is the most beginner-friendly web hosting choice.

3. Security

First off, it’s crucial to realise that there are more secure hosting options. In the actual world, however, the cyber-security threats for a new website are small, and Shared Hosting websites are extremely secure.

Leading web hosting companies follow to fair-use regulations and build up their servers in such a way that all websites face minimum dangers. They use a variety of firewalls and security setups to keep your website secure at all times.

4. Scalability

You’ll require more and more resources as your website grows. Disk space, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth are the most important hosting resources. Other applications, such as SSL, control panels, email accounts, domains, and so on, should be taken into account when upgrading or scaling up a plan. You may quickly upgrade your hosting plan with Shared Hosting. It’s only a matter of a few clicks and a few minutes.

5. Backups and disaster recovery

Blogs aren’t simply a way to express your opinions with the world; they’re also a commercial platform. The content you publish on your blog is vital, and it should be backed up on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, putting a backup and recovery plan in place isn’t easy. Backups will be created and maintained for you by a good web hosting company. Additionally, most providers have automated backup options, which you can use to supplement your backup capabilities.

6. Great uptime

The term “uptime” refers to how long your website is “up” and running before it goes down for whatever reason. There is no way that a web hosting business can guarantee 100% uptime. Leading Shared Hosting providers, on the other side, guarantee uptimes of over 99.95%, which is as high as it gets in the real world.

Uptimes are critical since you don’t want your visitors to arrive at your site just to find it unavailable. You put a lot of effort and time into getting people to visit your website.

It’s a waste of time and effort to show them a broken website. Also, at these times, people aren’t willing to wait for even marginally slow websites. It will be a tremendous challenge to entice them back to your website.


Shared Hosting provides a good balance of performance and cost, which is ideal for beginner bloggers. It’s a low-cost, quick, and dependable hosting option. It’s also designed for those who are new to hosting. This means you can get everything up and running quickly and be confident that your website will not crash or slow down anytime soon.

Do you want to create a blog? Shared Hosting plans are available from Host.co.in. We have plans that include free cPanel, free SSL, free email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. You also get a Softaculous app installer that allows you to instal CMS software like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, and others with a single click. Furthermore, you will have access to professional tech support 24/7 Support you with anything you may require.

Written by Divya Patil

Divya Patil is content writer and branding manager at bodHOST

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