Which is the best length of blog?

For a single blog submission, it should be more than 700 words. For 2 blog submissions, each blog should be over 900 words. The lengthier the blog, the more keywords it consumes, the more the keywords, the higher the marketing rates and traffic on the link. So, it is better to choose a lengthy blog with more than 1000 words.

Which type of link guestcanpost provide?

We provide ‘do follow backlinks’ as people often ask for it. It has proven benefits and that is what guestcanpost is for.

How can I get the best benefit from my guest post?

You must try our sponsored post to stay at the top of the site's home page. Our paid promotion has worked wonders for many of our clients and we insist the same to you. If you want to get the best out of your blog post from GuestCanPost, try our paid posting and see the outcome yourself.

How can I know if my blog is approved or not?

As soon as your blog is approved for our website, you get approval through your verified email address from us. You receive a live link of your post on your registered email address.

What is the goal of guestcanpost.com?

The fundamental goal is to expose your business to as many people as we can. Guestcanpost.com is a reputed website for guest-blogging, through which, you can do free or paid promotions of your services or products and make it known to the world

In case of a rejected post, what can I do?

We often reject blogs that do not follow our guidelines or have missed some instructions. Please review and re-submit after modification, we will surely accept and post for you.

How often can I post here?

As many times as you need. It also depends on the topics. If its trending then, you can post often else, we suggest a certain gap between two consequence posts.

Is blog posting free or paid?

We assist you with both, free and paid posting. Nevertheless, it makes a bit of difference in marketing though, but, from start-up to an enterprise, all are welcomed to post here.

What types of blogs can I post here?

Any type of the blogs are welcome here; whether it is small or long-form or a web2.0. We also allow a vast variety of blogs to be posted from different topics. You can see the topic mentioned in the header and learn what you need to know.