Why Page Title And Meta Description Is Important For SEO

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What influences your visibility and generates high traffic for your website pages or article pages with the SERP is the strength based on your SEO page title and meta description. The kind of page title or meta description search engine optimization based you provide determines how easy or difficult it will be for a user or your target audience to find your site online. This is because your title page and meta description summarise your content and enable google or any other search engine to pull up your site and show within the most ranked pages of the SERP.

Remember, there are many similar sites and contents online aiming to rank higher on the search engine result page. So, building your SEO page titles and meta description with a web design agency that will craft a catchy page title, readable and compelling meta description using the right keyword is the surest way to attract more clicks and create more visibility the SERP.

Do you want to know more? This article contains the reasons why your page title and meta description is important in SEO. You must know that no matter how great and valuable your content is, it may likely not sell or get noticed if you have a weak title page or unoptimized poor meta description. But having a web design agency build your web pages gives chances of high visibility and traffic to your website.

Title pages are the short number of keywords that give the fastest information about the content a user is searching for. Captions that help search engines to understand a page’s content and which appears on the result page. An example of an optimized title page is “5 best web design agencies in 2020”

Meta Description is usually the short texts that appear beneath your title page or headline summarizing or describing your page tag’s content. Meta descriptions are written in the recommended number of characters, determining if google can display it on SERP making it visible for clicking. Your meta description should be a brief, clear, detailed description of your entire content or headline. For instance, a blog on cars with the title “Ford” having a meta description like “Learn about the Ford Mustang high ranking Sports car. With a strong, stable engine, a large trunk of space, engaging handling, and a quality Cabin with user-friendly features.

Let us shed more light on why the page title and Meta description is necessary for SEO.

1. Your Meta Description serves as an ad text for your page.

A clear, compelling, and understanding meta description that can engage users automatically increases your click-through rate. As your visibility increases, your meta description catches the interest of users who clicks when trying to check the SERP, which in most cases eventually leads to a high conversion rate.

2. Organic Ad short description

Using the right keywords on your meta description can get your page ranked amongst the top list in the search engine result page by google or any other search engine. These search engines simply pickup pages that contain those particular keywords with the right keyword density.

3. It improves Google ranking and visibility for the site meta text

Meta texts (description)are characters bound or recommended. This means there are rules in writing a meta description that makes it easily shown or picked by google search and displayed in the SERP. Your site is free to get frequent visibility with an SEO meta description and have our potential customers to reach us.

4. Optimizing your page title boosts your webpage visibility

Users, audience, or visitors are quickly drawn to the exact title that best captures what they’re searching for. Google understands this and shows up all pages that contain those specific keywords and keyword density in its content. That’s why your title must be optimized, crafted so that it covers the exact scope of the search in those keywords. Google ranks it amongst the top search engine result pages.

5. It drives more users to your page as clicks increase

An optimized title page can pin high traffic to your website. Increase CTRs, lead more searchers as well as a social channel’s audience to your webpage just with a click. The catchier your title page looks, the more it attracts more clicks, the more clicks lead to more traffic, and eventually, the conversion rate is improved.


The idea behind page title and meta description is to give users access to your site with a summary of the information about your site by improving your site’s visibility, which is a critical SEO practice.

Written by Vatsala Panwar

Vatsala is a passionate writer, and SEO executive at Chetaru-International Digital Marketing Agency. Beyond search engines, she is best at expressing her thoughts and informative stuff in articles. She is always keen to learn and apply new things in her professional and personal life.


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