Why Gooseneck Kettle Is A Must Have Tool for Making Coffee?

A Pour-Over Coffee Kettle, also known as a gooseneck kettle, has a significant role in making perfect brewed coffee as it creates a long spout, which provides users an optimal control over pouring and mining. This coffee kettle offers a degree of control over a particular type of water flow inside the kettle.

This kettle is designed to create high-quality results for hot steamed teas and freshly brewed coffee. It either comes as electric or stovetop kettles, but most people prefer stovetop designs for an additional zest and flair.

WHY is Gooseneck Kettle Must use for Pour Over Coffee?

You can generally take any kettle, but coffee lovers always prefer a gooseneck kettle for pour-over coffee. Reason? Because the gooseneck kettle takes a historic significance and features iconic in contemporary coffee and tea brewing.

The China pour-over kettle is appealing with long swan necks and an ergonomic handle. It’s briefly tapered spout makes an ideal device for specific coffee brewing. Another essential perk of using a gooseneck kettle is that it’s chic design, visually appealing, and makes a perfect, creamy, and delicious hot drink. Also, the use of a gooseneck kettle makes a standard and efficient brewing method.

Apart from it, there can’t be any other best gift than a gooseneck kettle for any dedicated coffee lover. One can find it in any appliance outlet that provides a complete coffee kit; even china pour-over kettles are making its image in the entire crockery market.

Anyways, for its appealing look and innovative design, this coffee making device makes the best addition to any kitchen and an ultimate tool for anyone willing to get that accurate and precise brew.

Let’s take a look at the fantastic perks of using gooseneck kettles, why there’s so hype in demand for this device;

Main Benefits / Reasons for Using Gooseneck Kettle for Pour – Over Coffee

  • It let the users quickly pour an exact measurement of water required for the brew
  • It allows users to stop and control the speed of releasing water when required
  • Each espresso ground can be equitably hit with water as poured.
  • Excellent for espresso dates or serving visitors in the home
  • Avoid spills and messes
  • Create a consistent brew every time.

Another main reason why gooseneck kettle is a must for pour-over coffee is, it supports the balance when all coffee grounds give up the same amount of flavor, so kettle reduces the sourness and bitterness from grounds which produce sourness when getting over or under-extracted

Top Best Coffee Kettles Used By Expert Baristas / Coffee Experts

There are different coffee kettles for making a different brew; here are four different types of pour-over kettles used by professional espresso experts.

Cassio Kettle 50 ml – This pour-over kettle comes in two different sizes; 250 ml and 500 ml. It is beautifully designed in a sleek black matte finish. The spout makes while making brew is quite phenomenal. This kettle has a big opening so that it can hit high speeds.

The spout’s angle at the tip is just enough so that it doesn’t drip vertically; instead, it drips in a perfect arc. However, this kettle’s only flaw is that it doesn’t have a covering lid, so the water significantly cools down while making a brew. At the same time, the kettle has subtle control.

Buono Kettle 700 ml – This gooseneck coffee kettle comes in various colors, but most coffee experts widely use the silver-colored kettle since it’s quite simple to use. The best part of this coffee pour over kettle is its handle.

Yes, the handle is super comfortable to hold and makes the best flat spout, so baristas enjoying getting a perfect arc while brewing coffee in this kettle because it makes a different kind of arc than other regular kettles.

The only issue is, it’s a stovetop kettle, so you’ll either need to pour hot water in it or boil it on the heat source itself, and there’s no thermometer or anything you could get as an additional option.

Time More Kettle 400 – 500 ml – The time war pour over kettle belongs to a brand that not much known in North America, as many people don’t use it. Being a coffee pro myself, I must say using this kettle makes a right-hand grinder. Nevertheless, the kettle itself is a sleek design and more rounded.

This coffee kettle is a little bit taller and more vertical for its size, yet it’s perfect to make delicious brewed coffee and make an ideal spout differently. Again, this kettle’s notable feature is an excellent spout – which, as discussed before, is more vertical. They pull it down a little bit more at the tip, so the stream and water flow also get in a vertical direction when you pour, as it also has a smaller opening.

It is much slower, and much more controlled, and quite vertical. This enables many different pouring techniques. On the other hand, the slight issue with this kettle is that it is a stove cup kettle, so you have to pour a lot of hot water into it or heat it on a stovetop is no thermometer adapter for it like other stovetop kettles.

Bonavita kettle – 1 liter – It’s the only electric pour-over coffee kettle, which I must say a standard kettle of all times. This is widely used in many coffee shops, as it allows to set temperature and is convenient to use

The con of this coffee kettle is, it’s quite chunky, more prominent in size, and naturally more decadent than other kettles, mostly if you fill it with water. It takes consistent practice to get good at controlling it.

Lastly, how your water pours out of the kettle is essential. Certain types of spouts create different water flows, allowing you to penetrate the coffee, grinds a little bit differently. Let’s take an example of the Time more kettle; it pours water more vertically. It penetrates deeper into the grinds.

If I say penetration or water flow, it means the way you want the water to move inside the dripper. Whether you pour too slow or pouring from too high, it hits the grind differently.

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