Each year presents new opportunities to review and improve our SEO strategies to make them more effective and targeted to clients and brands. SEO is a great investment that can help brands grow their market share and increase revenue. It has been estimated that 53% of website traffic comes via organic search. Google updates its algorithm regularly and the competitive landscapes for keywords are constantly changing, so our SEO strategy must be up-to-date. These SEO tips will help you target and tailor your digital strategy to achieve greater SEO success in 2022.


  1. High-Quality Content is Prioritized

While Google’s algorithms are constantly updated, their north star remains the same: Quality. Google wants web pages to be promoted and ranked by users who provide valuable, relevant, and useful information. Your team must prioritize quality over all else to rank higher in search results. Google uses the following quality signals to rank web pages.

  • Original reporting and analysis
  • Complete and topically-rich copy
  • Interactive, fast-loading, and visually stable content
  • Relevant links both internal and external
  • Strong relevancy and satisfaction of the search intent
  • Google is improving at recognizing quality signals.

This means that even though your domain has a higher authority, you can still rank them if Google considers your content more useful and complete.


  1. Invest in Your Page Experience

The quality of a website is more than just the content. It’s also about how it performs for visitors. Google’s recent Page Experience update will make it even more important to SEO success in 2022. These are the primary areas Google uses to measure technical experience on web pages:

Core Website Vitals: These metrics are Largest Contentful, Cumulative Layout Changes, and First Input Delayed. Strong Core Web Vitals indicate a high-performing website. Mobile-Usability Pages should load quickly on mobile devices and be responsive.

Security: Google prefers pages that use HTTPS protocols to provide users with a secure and safe browsing experience. Use PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse to check your Core Web Vitals. Google may have flagged pages on your site as having Core Web Vitals issues. These pages will not rank well until the performance issues are addressed.


  1. Use Long-Tail Keywords and Keywords with Low Competition

It may take longer to rank on page 1 for highly competitive keywords if you are deploying an SEO campaign in a competitive market. To drive traffic to your website, you should first find long-tail or less competitive keywords that have similar search intent to those that are easier to rank for. It can take more research and time, but this will help you get clicks quicker. You can rank for more competitive terms over the long term if you increase your site authority.

  1. You can link to other websites that have relevant content.

We had already gained something from the outside. Now it is time to give it back. Are you aware of the importance of networking to succeed in the professional world? SEO in 2021 is the same. If you have backlinks to your website, great! However, it is important to also link to other relevant web pages or websites to your site. You don’t have to post content from someone else on your site. However, you should link to it to achieve outstanding SEO results. Rand Fishkin, the founder of MOZ, stated that linking out sends trackable traffic and makes your site more valuable and scalable. Continue reading: How To Get More Organic Traffic.


  1. To improve your ranking, keep posting original content.

A study done by a content marketing agency found that most businesses have difficulty producing unique and quality content simultaneously. To create unique content consistently, you must be both disciplined and creative. Regularly posting content will give your site a fresh feel, which in turn will improve your website’s ranking. Crawlers and humans both enjoy fresh content and are responsible for ranking and traffic to your site. Keep your website updated with new and unique content.


  1. Create unique and relevant meta titles and descriptions.

Let me show you an activity.


Description 1 “Affordable SEO Services In Canada, Grow Your Business With Our SEO Services”

Description 2 Are You Looking For the best SEO service provider?” We provide specialized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services. 

Take a look at both the descriptions. The first one on each website tells us that we are the best company. However, the second description is not engaging the viewer. He/she won’t leave the website. The second description is more descriptive, but the first line asks a question that will engage the viewer and make him click on the link. Meta descriptions and titles are therefore very important. They create the first impression, and people will decide if they want to visit your website.


  1. Make sure to use proper infographics and images to communicate your messages.

You can provide a better user experience for crawlers and users by taking care of images. Crawlers can’t see the image like humans, so it crawls the alt tags and name of images to determine their relevance. When embedding your image, be sure to name it correctly. If you post blogs or other informative content, make sure to include at least one image or an infographic representation of it. This way, if someone wants to overlook the content, he/she will be able to do so from the image. Remember that relevance is more important in search engine optimization than creativity and cleverness.


  1. You can track your website and user using the main Google tools (only Google Search Console & Google Analytics).

SEO tools can be very expensive. They can cost thousands. They are easy to use and feature-rich. Aherfs and Buzzsumo are great tools for SEO activities. Google is the best at tracking your website’s position and results. These tools aren’t even close to Google’s native tools. Google Search Engine and Google Analytics give you very clear and accurate insights into how your website performs. These tools are also much easier than some other fancy ones. They are free, which is the best part! To track and measure website results, make sure to use the Google Search Console (also known as Google Webmaster).


  1. Use social media platforms to get some attention.

Are you thinking like I did, that Social Media is not part of SEO? You are as wrong as I am, my friend. Although indeed, Google does not yet integrate Social media or Social into its algorithm, there are still many things that can be done.

If you don’t believe me, let me show you. Many of the top players in Digital Marketing, such as MOZ, Neil Patel, and Aherfs rank highly on Google. They don’t just stick to the website. They post similar content to the web page they have uploaded to social media to gain traction. Remember to include social media in your SEO strategy.


  1. Regularly optimize and update your website.

A study found that websites with dynamic content perform better than those with static content. This is why, when you search for any general term such as SEO or Best Event management companies, most likely a blog directory such as Wikipedia or a corporate directory will appear on the first page of the results. Keep in mind, however, that you must constantly optimize and refresh the content and sometimes the UI to make it work well.


Written by Keith David

Keith David is working as a digital marketing strategist for 360 App Services Inc. 360 App Services is a App designing, Development, web designing, & digital marketing service provider based in Calgary, CA.

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