5 Benefits of a Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding

Are you planning a Spring or Summer wedding?  Now is the right time to start thinking about venues, guest lists, caterers, photographers and all the rest.  Start your planning early so you are not rushed. 

One hot trend in weddings for 2023 is holding a marquee wedding.  There are several advantages to a marquee wedding you should consider.


You get to choose a location that has special meaning for you.  Rather than limit your choices to available churches, hotels or banquet halls, your options are almost unlimited.  All you need is some open space.  A park, beach, garden, field or even a backyard will do if you have the space.  You can choose a private space or scenic outdoor location

Marquee weddings allow you to bring the outdoors inside.  If you have chosen a lovely beach, garden, or mountain setting, a marquee wedding lets you enjoy the space.  This unique feature lets you have a truly memorable wedding.

You can get creative with where the wedding takes place.  Talk with your wedding planner to come up with ideas that will suit your style.  If you planning a party hire in Perth there are many suitable choices.


A marquee wedding gives you more flexibility with cost.  Regardless of your budget, a marquee wedding gives you greater flexibility to work within your price range.  You get to choose your venue, decorations, caterer, decorations and all the other suppliers who will contribute to the success of your wedding.  

For every service you hire, some vendors can work with all sizes of budgets.  If you are on a smaller budget, here are some ideas for holding an outdoor wedding on a budget 

Catering & Bar

When you choose your own catering company, you get to pick exactly what you want to eat.  There is such a wide range of caterers to choose from.  You can find something that suits your taste and your budget. You can do anything you like, from pizza to gourmet fine dining.

Be sure with your bar that someone keeps an eye on guest’s consumption.  You don’t want to incur any liability for your guest’s overindulgence.  If you have questions be sure to refer to these guidelines

Accommodating Larger Guest Lists

Traditional venues can have limited or fixed capacity.  Some can be too small, others too large for your wedding.  Finding the right size venue will take more research.  Marquees provide flexibility and can be configured to accommodate almost any number of guests.  Marquees can be as small as 30 sq meters and up to 700 sq meters or more.

Flexible Duration

Most traditional wedding venues have strict closing times.  If you want to extend the party, there is a greater likelihood of finding a location where your guests can linger as long as they like.  It might not be open-ended, and you should consider then neighbours, but it will be far easier to find a beautiful location that you won’t have to rush to shut down.

These are only a few of the many advantages of holding a marquee wedding, and why their popularity has grown in recent years. 

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