Best Autumn Flower Picks For Your Wedding Decoration This Season

Are you ready to add autumn’s brilliant colors to your wedding? Autumn’s warm colors may inspire your wedding flowers. Dahlias’ symmetry and roses’ allure are among the many alternatives. From chrysanthemums’ trendy appeal to pampas grass and succulents’ wild beauty, this book covers many options.

Our carefully selected fall flowers will dazzle at any event, from traditional to bohemian. Our fall flower arrangement guide shows how a professional flower delivery service can fulfill your floral dreams.


Dahlias bloom in a wide spectrum of hues from midsummer to winter, making them great for autumn weddings. As its greay symmetrical petals stick out and look wonderful in a variety of colors it gives a complete look to the bouquet.

With two tones, the combinations are almost endless. Seeded viburnum may be used with late-summer flowers like hydrangeas, clematis vines, and rose hips to create a lovely bridal bouquet. Given their connotations, dahlias are popular.


Lilies are among the most gorgeous and distinctive autumn wedding flowers. Late summer double lilies are a rainbow of orange, peach, apricot, pink, and red. Combine yellow and red foliage for a gorgeous autumnal color palette reminiscent of falling leaves.

Modern varieties generate no pollen, so your autumn wedding won’t stain.


Carnations have become fashionable. We’re obsessed with bare orange, terracotta, and brown, as well as the new variegated varieties. Florists commonly utilize carnations in bouquets. Carnations are commonly used as filler flowers, but we prefer to accentuate them, occasionally as a center.

Modern floristry favors monochrome arrangements. Skin-coloured flowers and billowing carnations make a great fall bridal bouquet.


Most brides love flowers, especially fragrant garden roses. They represent love,passion which we all desire on our wedding day. They also evoke autumn as they bloom from early spring through mid-October.

We employ a darker color palette, heart-shaped flowers, trailing vines, sage green foliage, and various flower varieties and sizes for this effect. Traditional and attractive wedding bouquets including roses can be delivered by the local florist.

Plant-Based Pin Cushions

Pincushion flowers (scabiosa) go nicely with “romantic” flowers like roses and ranunculus because of their rainbow of colors. Picture a wedding breakfast with a lit table, minty scent, and red-green greenery dancing across the room.

Northern Hemisphere scabiosas bloom from April to October with a pincushion crown and delicate petals. Pincushion flowers are utilized in autumn bridal bouquets and large floral centerpieces. This fern-like foliage is beautiful and resilient.


The rudbeckia is a famous autumn flower that blooms from late July to early October. They also dry rapidly and are good for permanent compositions.

Warm dahlias, pastel red roses, and deep ranunculus create a beautiful double gold tone.


A few years ago, high-end flower shops banned chrysanthemums, but not anymore. Gardeners deserve credit for reviving Van Gogh and Rembrandt beloved flowers in brilliant new colors.

The chrysanthemum, one of the oldest flowers, has been growing in the Far East for over 2,500 years. Between September and October, it blooms. We chose light green sage, yellow chrysanthemums, and double-coloured fragrant roses for the bridal centerpiece.


Brides are increasingly embracing succulents in their bouquets. Their rustic, wooded look suits wedding bouquets and tables. These plants are utilized in bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral accessories as well as table centerpieces.

Charming succulent cachepots are party favors. Succulents in bridal flower arrangements provide a distinctive touch. Succulents give a distinctive and memorable touch to wedding arrangements, and a skilled floral designer can make it easy.

Pampas Grass

An autumn wedding needs flowers, and bohemian pampas grass can do the trick. This beautiful, neutral-coloured grass may enhance bouquets, boutonnieres, aisle markers, bridal arches, centerpieces, and wedding cake decorations.

Since pampas grass is native to South America, certain wedding venues may prohibit its use. If pampas grass is unavailable, your wedding florist may offer alternatives.


They’re white, but their yellow anemone center prompted us to include them. Anemones, which are linked to ranunculi and bloom from late summer through autumn, provide a whimsical, airy aspect to bouquets of any size.

They may be used in a large centrepiece with white hydrangea paniculata since their colors vary from white to pink to yellow.

Clematis vine

This creative filler floral option is popular. Chinese clematis vines, known for their exquisite violet blossoms. These blooms from May to August.

They provide endless possibilities and stunning, previously unachievable yellows, oranges, and reds.


Autumn bloom palette of dahlias, lilies, roses and more reveals the perfect combination for your autumn wedding flower decoration. To realize your floral aspirations, consider a flower delivery service’s ability and convenience.

These professionals will ensure that your roses or anemones arrive in perfect shape. Enjoy fall’s beauty at your door with a trusted flower delivery service. Autumn’s finest flowers may make your wedding a masterpiece.

Written by Glamour Rose

Glamour Rose is a premier flower shop in Dubai specializing in beautiful rose and flower arrangements for all occasions. We offer fast and reliable delivery services to bring joy and happiness to your loved ones. Our skilled team of florists specializes in creating and deliver birthday bouquets to flower decorations that suit any event including weddings, parties and on time flower bouquet delivery services. If you're looking to send flowers online in Dubai and want to surprise your loved ones, Glamour Rose will do everything you want.

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