TCS NQT Preparation Tips: Detailed Guide to Preparation Strategies

Gone are the days when a fresher got a job only through references or their “A grade” marks. Today all the reputed companies give weightage to skills over grades.

TCS is one of the biggest organizations to hire fresher and more experienced candidates and shape their careers.

But, how can you get into TCS? The answer is TCS NQT. NQT is an exam announced by TCS through which they enroll new candidates. As per the new norms of the TCS, you do not need to have extra certifications, years of experience, or high grades on your mark sheet or any such criterion to get shortlisted in the company.

All you have to do is appear for the next NQT exam organized by TCS and get a seat at TCS. The only question left now is how can you prepare for TCS NQT? Does knowing oops in python, java, or C enough?

This article contains tips, section-wise strategies, and other details that will help you in your interview preparations.

So, without any further delays, let’s start with section-wise strategies to ensure you score well in your NQT exam.

Strategies to crack TCS NQT Exam

While you are going through your syllabus for TCS NQT preparations, you must have seen the pattern of the exam. This pattern will guide you on what problems you will face in your exam.

In this exam, you will have to complete five main sections that you need to prepare individually. Following are the strategies you can adopt to prepare for different sections of a TCS NQT exam:

Section 1: Reasoning Ability

The first section we will discuss here is reasoning ability. You can go through various questions based on logic and mental ability for this section.

Under this segment of the test, you will have to complete 30 questions within a time limit of about 50 minutes. Since you have less than 1.5 minutes for each question you need to hurry up.

While practicing make sure you keep a goal to solve the acquainted questions and concepts within one minute. This will help you in developing a habit of completing new questions within 1.5 minutes easily during your exam

Section 2: Verbal Ability

The verbal ability section will evaluate your knowledge of the English language. This section will cover grammar evaluations and comprehension reading for the candidates.

To improve your vocabulary and grasp of verbal language, you can read various educational magazines, newspapers, novels, and other educational material. You can also listen to various short stories and videos to improve your verbal skills.

You can consider various other books, material, and weblinks to get an idea about the types of questions usually asked in the TCS NQT exam. This can be a highly scoring section if you pay attention to the details and prepare accordingly.

Section 3: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative aptitude is considered one of the easiest and most scoring sections in TCS NQT preparations. In this section, most of the questions are based on arithmetic concepts, Algebra, Geometry, and similar topics.

If you have a strong grasp of the basics of mathematics and algebra, you can consider this the easiest section of the exam. However, if you do not have a good knowledge of the same, you will need practice.

Quantitative aptitude can be solved with the help of practicing several questions of the same kind. You can also try to brush up on your math concepts before directly jumping to the questions.

However, if you have less time, you can analyze the previous year’s questions in this section and prepare only a selected concept.

Section 4: Programming

The next section is a bit technical. In this segment of the exam, you will have to appear for different concepts of programming.

Majorly asked concepts include loops, bugs, branching, etc for a certain program. You can practice dry runs of various programs and get accurate outputs, clear bugs, justify the loops, and such.

Doing so will help you in clearing this section of your exam easily. You can also pay attention to various other core concepts such as Oops in python, C++, java, data structures, and many others.

You can refer to various TCS NQT exam books to smoothly complete your TCS NQT preparations in less time.

Section 5: Coding

This is the last and most important section of the TCS NQT exam. This section contains various problem statements for which you will have to generate codes.

Also, you can get other questions like calculating the value of variable “X” after the second loop, or any other similar coding problem.

This is a tricky and challenging section and hence, you must be prepared to face difficult questions. You can take guidance from various preparation books, online material, and others to improve your chances.

Now, let’s go through some basic tips that will boost your TCS NQT preparations and enhance your chances of getting the job.

Tips to crack the TCS NQT exam

You can follow some basic tips and tricks that will boost your preparations and will improve your results. Some of the efficient tips and tricks are listed below:

·         First, you need to deeply analyze the exam pattern, syllabus, and the difficulty level of questions asked in this exam. This will help you to prepare for the same accordingly

·         Manage your time strictly with a plan. You can draft a schedule of what concepts you will cover during your day Or night. After that, closely calculate the total days you require to prepare for the exam if you move at the same pace.

·         You must consider only trusted material and books for your TCS NQT preparations

·         Make sure you revise all the important core subjects and topics before appearing for the test. You can solve previous year’s questions, appear for mock tests, and other tests to improve your skills


TCS NQT preparations may take time and effort, but a job at TCS is worth the hustle. Make sure you curate a specific path and plan to achieve your goal and stick with it throughout your  preparations. We hope that these strategies and tips play a vital role for you to get a job in your dream; TCS!

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