List up the top 6 direct personal loan lenders in the UK

Do you want to find the best offer for personal loans? The first thing you will refer to is interest rates. It is because the best offer must comprise affordable rates.

A comparison between various direct lenders can help you point out a suitable offer. It will let you clear the air about rates that lenders decide.

You can even make sure you qualify to get personal loans with bad credit from a direct lender in the UK. You may miss out on a possibility if you do not pay heed to these aspects.

There is no easy way to validate who is the right lender for you. Comparison will help you get clarity. For this, you need to list top-ranking direct lenders. Many choices might increase the difficulty level.

However, it also allows you to choose the best from a bigger number. In that case, you can make the best financial decision per your condition.

Categories lenders based on the rates they offer. You must filter offers by checking if it is affordable. Getting alternatives in the case of personal loans is not tough.

You will come across different lenders. The trickiest part is to zero in on the offer you want to settle in. Take the help of this blog discussing top direct lenders of personal loans.

List of direct lenders offering personal loans

Go through the exclusive list of loan providers. You can locate the best deal when you look through different offers. You must begin by shopping around for affordable interest rates.

A surprising fact about rates is that you can curtail the compounding effect by opting for a low-rate loan deal. It can only be achieved by comparing different lenders.

You can reduce the amount you will pay for interest by choosing a lender offering competitive rates. Look at the direct lenders mentioned below:

Cash Float

You can drop by this direct lender if you have a personal loan requirement ranging up to £ 2500. If you are curious to know their area of specialization, it should be how they respond to their customers.

An additional benefit you can get is 5 day grace period in case of missed payments. A repayment freeze facility is accessible in case you have lost your job for some reason.

They follow the online application format. You must refer to the amount first to get more information about the interest rate.

Bamboo Loans

They are one of those direct lenders who look forward to delivering personalized loan deals. They offer APR rates ranging from 26.9% to 69.9%. You can take pleasure in their easy application process.

A decent range of personal loans is available. It will help you take out money that must fit your budget and requirement as well.

More benefits wait for existing customers. The only thing is that they might ask you to state the reason behind borrowing.

Loan Palace

You can count them among the most trusted lenders in the UK. Take advantage of tailor-made loan offers. This lender is known for its cut-throat pricing policy.

It means they will charge interest that is affordable for you. The best thing about Loan Palace is that bad credit is not an obligation for them. Find out a feasible repayment term by determining the loan amount.

There is no need for you to explain the purpose. You will get complete liberty to decide where you should spend the money. Repay loans on time to help your scores to boost.

You can repay in small amounts till a lengthy tenure. This lender provides facilities like high approval chances, quick turnaround time, ease of access etc.

Finio Loans

They are a new version of Likely Loans. You can expect to get a decision in a minute. They offer a borrowing range that is quite convenient.

It helps you borrow loan money up to £ 5000. They reply spontaneously once you approach them. You can use the same online interface to apply for personal loans with them.

In case of bad credit, you need to make sure whether rates are pocket-friendly. This direct lender makes borrowing possible even for a tenant or a non-homeowner.


You can reach out to this direct lender for fair rates. They don’t practice any online procedure to keep the safety of your data at stake. Every detail will be in encrypted form.

Therefore, data misuse is highly impossible unless there is a major problem. You can complete the application in the paperless format. Processes are so swift that you will not take much time to complete them.

In case of successful approval, you can also consider getting loans on the same day.

Loans 2 Go

They have plenty of years of experience as direct lenders. Personal loans are one of their loan products. Since they have been available in the market for a long time, it is easy to trust them compared to the new direct lenders.

They keep changing their policies to offer you the best service.

The bottom line

It is beneficial to have the list of top lenders ready before eyes when there is a pressing need. It will be time-saving for you. Most importantly, it will make this comparison task easy and convenient.

Stacking up each offer against the other is a best practice. It lets you ensure which is the most budget-friendly loan deal. It is equally effective when you look for very bad credit loans with no guarantor requirement.

The process of shortlisting will become simple and precise. Do not pick any random offer based on assumption! It will lead you to make a wrong decision that can prove fatal to your financial situation.

Therefore, the best trick to apply when searching for loan offers is to list down lenders for comparison. As you have completed reading this blog, you are already aware of the existing list of lenders.

Written by Jessica Rodz

LoanPalace is a direct lander in UK and providing all kinds of loan with bed credits. If you are looking for a loan with bed credit, no guarantor then you are on the right place you can  get loans from direct lenders

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