Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday: Everything You Need To Know

For several years Black Friday has been the best day to shop for deals. But in the past years, Cyber Monday has replaced Black Friday as the US’s most anticipated yearly shopping day.

Now shopping deals during the holiday season are synonymous with Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers don’t always have to be online only, while Black Friday sales can be found both in shops and online.

Black Friday Versus Cyber Monday: What Is The Primary Difference

Long ago, retailers used Black Friday to entice customers into their stores, as many of them had the day following Thanksgiving off. The National Retail Federation (NRF) introduced Cyber Monday in 2005 as a virtual “alternative to the frenzy” of crowded stores and lengthy lineups. It also became a method for retailers to extend the “desire and urgency” for purchasing by offering additional offers online just before people returned to the workforce.

Black Friday offers are typically announced by retailers months before Thanksgiving, giving online customers a head start. And part of the appeal of Cyber Monday is how convenient it is to shop from the comfort of your sofa, add an item to your cart, and check out in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, Black Friday includes the holiday component. Employees may have to fit their shopping around their lunch hours or breaks because Cyber Monday falls during a regular work week rather than a vacation weekend.


  Black Friday Deals


The day after the American Thanksgiving holiday, known as Black Friday, has historically been a holiday for many years. It is a day full of exclusive sales and discounts and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

On Black Friday, it’s typical for business owners to run special deals online and offline. Several businesses open their doors before sunrise to draw customers. Some stores have gone so far as to operate during the Thanksgiving holiday to stay competitive, while others start promoting sales earlier in November.


  Cyber Monday Deals


The Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday is called Cyber Monday in the eCommerce industry. On this day, online businesses typically run special promotions, deals, and discounts similar to what brick-and-mortar stores do on Black Friday. Since sending items like clothing and shoes is less expensive than many other holiday items, many retailers go online and even offer free shipping!

In the Christmas shopping season, when people are eager to save money on gifts for friends and family, Cyber Monday has emerged as a renowned eCommerce holiday. Given the importance of Cyber Monday to the retail calendar and its proximity to Black Friday, another significant eCommerce holiday, online retailers must put a lot of effort into getting ready for it.


  When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are retail deals in the US on the Friday and Monday following Thanksgiving. Following are the dates for 2022

  • Black Friday is on November 25, 2022
  • Cyber Monday is on November 28, 2022

Although the 25th is the designated day, many stores have embraced the Black Friday effect, and you can find discounts all week long leading up to that day, with early offers already being offered.


  Best Retailer Practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Retailers leverage Black Friday and Cyber Monday to boost their sales. You can take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s popularity with a strategic approach.

  • Start Early

To make the most of the Thanksgiving shopping events, you should start preparing as soon as possible because there are numerous factors to consider. Optimize your adverts across all your digital channels because BFCM season comes at a higher cost for advertising. If you get new leads today, you can remarket to them before BFCM with exclusive, specialized offers.

  • Establish a presence online

There’s no doubt that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll face stiff competition. You must concentrate on enhancing your brand’s visibility to improve your chances of being discovered by consumers. Include relevant keywords in your listings, product descriptions, and content to optimize your website. Work with influencers to help your products or services reach a larger audience or promote your company on social media.

  • Put email marketing to use

Due to its importance as a tool, email marketing is here to stay. Additionally, it provides a more affordable option for CPC campaigns while being a reliable way to generate a sizable return on investment (ROI).

  • Take advantage of positive reviews

Work on obtaining sincere, favorable evaluations from your delighted consumers because these might aid in establishing your credibility with prospective customers.




Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are unique events, they have affordable prices for products. They coincide with one another in terms of the holiday shopping season. Deals from Black Friday can occasionally last through Cyber Monday. Additionally, several shops are advancing their Cyber Monday bargains earlier as Black Friday deals start to go out as early as late October.

eCommerce retailers are adapting to trends and customer needs as the digital landscape changes. The pandemic has increased the appeal of online purchasing, which has increased the demand for personalized eCommerce solutions. Leveraging Cyber Monday and Black Friday can be a game changer in helping you craft excellent eCommerce Solutions.

Written by Anup Mehrotra

Anup Mehrotra is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships for Envision eCommerce and Netsmartz. Envision eCommerce is a renowned eCommerce development company and Adobe Commerce Cloud Silver Solutions Partner. Anup's expertise in building strategic partnerships, software marketing, and lead generation is focused on helping budding entrepreneurs build quality products fast. In his leisure time, he likes to read and write about software development and eCommerce marketing.



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