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Best Places to Visit In Malaysia

Most travelers fly to numerous destinations with their families during the holiday. But, to make it more amazing, plan a great trip & visit the Best Places to Visit In Malaysia.

This place is primarily named among the high-end Asian nations with several features. 

Well, multiple renowned things make the whole place worth visiting. Some beaches offer remarkable views along with the beautiful rainforest. On the other side, people are often influenced by Malay, Chinese, and Europeans, followed by a different mix of cultures. 

So, here are the top venues to visit here:

Kuala Lumpur:

Well, it’s a great opportunity to explore the Malaysian capital & the largest city in the country. It’s more famous as home to the Petronas twin towers, which are the world’s largest. 

The other unique feature is the blend of Asian & Malay architectural styles that gives it a different look. However, the other thing that attracts a huge crowd is the National palace, followed by the Parliament House. 

However, you can also plan a visit to Merdeka Square, followed by the Shopping in Chinatown. You can also enjoy the city’s bird park along with the family & explore some shopping spots. 

George town:

After finishing up with the previous venues, the next on the list is the oldest party of the second-largest city. It’s also listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites & worth making your presence. 

Flying to Malaysia via Lufthansa Airlines makes your trip fabulous by providing great services. However, Lufthansa Multi-City Booking helps to cover top destinations within minimum time at the lowest fares & discounted rates. 

On the other side, this town is famous for offering the most amazing cuisines & also known as the country’s food capital. It provides you with top-quality street food prepared with top-class ingredients. 

Mulu National park:

Well, the name comes from Mount Mulu & is also the center of attraction for all Asians. It’s a great place for all those coming to trek, caving & enjoy the amazing natural beauty. 

Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that it’s been registered as the UNESCO world heritage site. 

The climbers can reach the top of the mountain after completing 24 km of trekking along with an elevation of about 12,000 meters. 

If you are looking for a more convenient way, there are other easier trails. But, the caves are the main attraction attracting a large crowd. 


Now, to make your trip more amazing, you can arrive at Kuantan city, among the Best Places to Visit In Malaysia. On the other side, the town is more famous for its attractive & wide open beach. 

Although Teluk Chempedak is just a few minutes from the city center, the location offers remarkable shore views, an actress lineup, and other fabulous elements, offering unforgettable moments. The tourists can move on the soft sand & enjoy the whole day. 

The main thing that makes this place different from the others is its peaceful aura that makes you feel special while spending time. 

Perhentian Islands:

Well, more than an island, it’s a natural paradise for all the worldwide travelers who arrive in Malaysia to enjoy. It’s been underdeveloped & due to no hotels & restaurants. This spot offers plenty of special activities like kayaking, snorkeling & scuba diving. 

However, if you plan an overnight stay, you have the guesthouses along with the homestays. To enjoy the outdoors, you can primarily stroll around & enjoy the overall beauty of the whole place. 

Borneo Rainforest:

The Borneo island is, however, divided & some parts quite belong to Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei. On the other side, traveling to Malaysia by booking flights with Lufthansa Airlines offers the best deals & the cheapest flights. 

Flying with Lufthansa Multi City flights makes the trip more convenient by traveling to different locations via a common flight. The main motive for making your way to Borneo Rainforest is to enjoy the indigenous culture, amazing wildlife, and the best wild trekking. 

It’s a great place that offers a world-class aura and the best environment to click the best pictures. 


It’s built with a combination of 99 islands on Malaysia’s Northwestern coast. On the other side, it’s home to the three Geoforest parks and multiple coconut trees lined up. The overall place is quite excellent & offers a unique environment. 

You’ll feel more awesome once you arrive at this location. However, taking an aerial route will be worth exploring as greenery provides the best views. Several other features make the whole place different from the other destinations. 

Cameron Highlands:

Welcome to the beautiful location & also consider it among the Best Places to Visit Malaysia. However, it has a long tradition of tea growing on the sloping mountains, which is the major attraction & worth clicking the pictures of. 

You’ll never get this authentic feel anywhere else in the Asian region. On the other hand, exploring the whole city through a chopper proves to be a great idea. However, it’s not only famous for being the largest tea producer, but also for taking a whole tour of tea making. 

It’s always a great pleasure to be in a place like this, where there is much more to explore. 

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