Things To Remember Before You Visit Egypt.

Things To Remember Before You Visit Egypt

A trip to Egypt is no less than a lifetime excursion. And so, it has to be perfect. You just cannot afford to make mistakes if you are willing to have a perfect trip to this place. So, we have come up with a list of things to remember before you visit Egypt.  The readers can use this blog as a guide for the Egypt excursion.

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List of Things to remember before you Visit Egypt.

Here is a list of a few things that you should never forget if you are planning to go to Egypt for a vacation trip. Have a look at these:

Get your Visa

People who are thinking of flying to Egypt must have this information that they need to have a Visa to enter the country. Without this, the government allows no foreigners. So when you land in Egypt, you have to buy the Visa that would cost you around 25 USD. Also, you have to have this much cash with you because they accept only cash at the airport counter.

Moreover, you can stay in Egypt with this Visa for the next 30 days only,

Have Egyptian Currency

The currency used in Egypt is the Egyptian pound, sometimes known as LE, E£, or £E. Therefore, get some money before your trip. At the time this article was written, one Egyptian pound was worth 0.056 dollars. Always keep small dollars on hand because some businesses won’t have to change or take credit cards.

More to Pyramids:

You will undoubtedly visit the Giza Pyramids, but there is a lot more to see and do in Egypt. More than 120,000 antiquities are on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and the old Cairo region is home to numerous mosques, hammams (Turkish baths), churches, madrasas (Islamic colleges), and stunning fountains. You should spend a day or two exploring Luxor, an antiquity treasure trove, and you shouldn’t miss Aswan, a city in southern Egypt known for its breathtaking archaeological treasures.

Heavy Traffic:

Cairo’s traffic can get congested, as it does in many large cities. Always allow additional time while getting from one location to another because driving around town takes longer than you’d think. When planning your trip, Egypt travel packages should include transit time, but make sure by asking.

Street Crossing

Cairo has a lot of traffic. Thus, it’s important for pedestrians to practise caution when crossing the streets. The best option is to stroll in a pack. You’ll pick up on the traffic patterns and when to cross the street quickly, but keep in mind that safety is found in numbers.


You should feel comfortable in Egypt, though you should use caution when crossing the busy streets and keep your wits about you in Cairo (as in all major cities). Although there are crimes of opportunity, especially in Cairo, violent crime is relatively rare. The Sinai Peninsula and the Libyan border are locations to stay away from, although neither location is near any of Egypt’s notable landmarks or tourist destinations.

Travel Guide


Hire a guide to benefit from their experience and a higher degree of safety. Many Egypt tour packages include an experienced driver and/or guide, allowing you to relax and take it easy without having to worry about directions or communication. It is ideal for spending time with a local who is familiar with the area and its history and culture.

Desert Conditions

Egypt’s temperatures can skyrocket, particularly in the summer months of July and August when the temperature can rise above 100oF. Sunscreen, a hat with a wide brim, lightweight clothing, and multiple pairs of sunglasses should all be packed. Another smart move is to use bug spray. Expect very hot and dry weather in desert towns like Aswan and Luxor in August because of the 13 hours of daily sunshine, and always bring enough water to stay hydrated.

Cultural Respect

Given that the majority of the population in Egypt is Muslim, women should be prepared to dress modestly. Women shouldn’t dress in shorts, low-cut shirts, or revealing skirts. The finest clothing to wear is knee-length skirts, slacks, and long-sleeve cotton and linen shirts with roll-up sleeves. Carry a scarf just in case, even though they are not mandatory in Egypt as they are in some other Muslim nations. In seaside communities, tank tops, bathing suits, sundresses, and shorts are more appropriate. For guys, khakis and t-shirts or button-down shirts are suitable.


You won’t spend as much money in Egypt as you would in many other places. The most expensive part of the trip will be the flight, but other expenses like attractions, five-star hotels, upmarket dining, and cocktail lounges won’t break the budget. When you start looking at Egypt vacation packages, you’ll see how high costs are usually included in the package price.


Although “baksheesh” or tips are prevalent in many parts of the world, Egyptians depend on tips to support themselves and their families. Expect to tip the maid, the waiters and servers, the drivers and guides, and any other hotel staff members who help you. For restaurants and hotel workers, tips typically range from 3 to 10 LE, whereas guides typically get 50 LE or more daily. In restaurants, tip roughly 10% of the total cost. Please be aware that American coins cannot be exchanged for Egyptian cash, so utilise dollars or local currency for your gratuities. Additionally, don’t take offence if a driver says that your gratuity is too low! This is a component of Egyptian tipping customs. Don’t feel compelled to leave a bigger tip.

No Visit During Ramadan

Because there are a lot of Muslims in Egypt, many people follow Ramadan and fast during the holy month. Nevertheless, when we went during Ramadan, it seemed like everything was pretty much going as usual, particularly for the tourism sector. In general, tourist destinations are still open throughout Ramadan, and your vacation is unlikely to be hindered by the festivities. However, it is vital to be aware that opening hours may change for many locations (so double-check the schedule), and you should avoid eating and drinking in public. Additionally, during Ramadan, most places won’t serve alcohol.

Avoid going in Summer

There is a reason why people advise against visiting Egypt from May to August throughout the summer. It’s because the heat is rather oppressive, and few sightseeing attractions provide shade. We arrived in mid-May, so it hadn’t yet hit the peak temperature, but I can honestly say that I have never experienced such dry, intense, and uncomfortable heat. In spite of the fact that this is the busiest travel period, I suggest visiting Egypt between September and April when the temperature is significantly milder.

Therefore, these were some of the main things that any person visiting Egypt must have in their mind. If you wish to fly to different cities in Egypt, then you can go for Delta multi-city flights and book the flights at once in connectivity.

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