Using Testing Tools For Facebook Lead Ads

Being the largest and most popular Social Media platform in the world, Facebook offers a great marketing opportunity for various brands. Every large and small business showcases its products and services on Facebook in order to raise brand awareness, increase sales, and thus grow their business. However, running Facebook Ads requires a lot of knowledge about Facebook Lead Ads, including how to test the Facebook lead form, which we will discuss in this post.

The goal of Facebook Lead Ads should be to target people who are most likely to become customers. Hence, it helps brands find people interested in their products and services and collect information from them. Facebook features like Contact Forms can be used to collect information like phone numbers, email addresses, and more. But before running Facebook Lead Ads, it is always better that you test them and know whether they will help you achieve your goals. Hence, you should know how to use Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool.

Benefits Of Testing Tool For Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool has many long-term benefits, as it can help you understand the text, graphics, and call operations that are effective for your audience. It can significantly improve responsive Landing Pages, and you can also modify the elements to suit specific audiences since most conversions occur on the Landing Page. Thus, the Testing Tool improves the quality of potential customers. It is an investment that can improve your sales and keep costs within a reasonable range.

Since it allows you to test your Lead Ads before releasing them, you can use it to test the performance of your Lead Generation Form without viewing the ads. It also helps you to confirm the connection between Facebook and your favorite marketing app works perfectly. Moreover, it also allows you to troubleshoot Facebook permission issues.

Creating A Successful Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool

The Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool not only helps you test your Lead Ads before launching them to the consumers but also allows you to test the functionality of your Lead Generation Form without viewing the Ads on Facebook. But to create a Facebook Lead Ad and test it using the Facebook Leads Ads Testing Tool, you need to know how to test the Facebook lead form, and the following are the steps to set up Facebook Leads Ads Testing Tool effectively.

Create Facebook Lead Ad

  • For this, you need to first click on the ‘Create’ button on the top left corner of the Facebook Ads Manager window, choose ‘Lead Generation’ as the objective of the Marketing Campaign, and then click ‘Continue.’
  • Then give the Marketing Campaign a name, click on ‘View Terms’ and accept the terms of service. After clicking the ‘Next’ button, provide the Ad Set a name. Then choose ‘Instant Forms’ for the Lead method and the Facebook Page for which you need to create the Campaign. Target Audience, Budget, Target Audience, End Dates, and Campaign Start. But remember that Lead Ads cannot be targeted to individuals under the age of 18 years.
  • After completing all the details, click the ‘Create Form’ button under the Instant Forms window, give the form a name, choose type, and type questions. Then add your payment method and click on ‘Publish.’ This will create both the Lead Generation Ad and the Contact Form.

Delete The Existing Leads

Since you are only allowed to have one Test Lead at a time, you should ensure that all the existing Test Leads are cleared from your account. You will be unable to preview your form if it already has an active Lead, due to which you may think that the form is not working. So to delete the existing leads, you need first to open the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool and select the Facebook page and the form that is to be used to run the test. Then click the ‘Delete Lead’ button to eliminate any TesLeads that had been created before, and you will be notified when it has been deleted.

Create A New Test Lead

You can create a new Test Lead in two ways, by clicking the ‘Create Lead’ button, which will help you create a placeholder Lead, or by clicking the ‘Preview Form’ button and filling in the details. The second way will allow you to create the Lead Form manually. It is mostly recommended that you use the second method to create a new Test Lead. For this, you first need to click the ‘Preview Form’ button and fill out the form with all the information so that you will be able to recognize your destination CRM. You may fill the form with information not present in your destination CRM. After this, click on the ‘Submit’ button. If you want to create a Test Lead using the Create Lead Option, click on ‘Create Lead,’ and it will be created.

Track The Test Lead Results

To track the results, you can click the ‘Track Status’ button and see the status column change its value from ‘Pending’ to ‘Success.’

The Bottom Line

So this is how you test Facebook Lead Ads and implement them in your digital marketing campaign efficiently. It is a relatively simple process but may require small changes since it can get complicated as your Campaign develops.

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