Ways to extend ‘Time on Site’ and Stick Your Visitors Around

What Is Average Time On Site?

Simply put, the average time on site is that the amount of your time website visitors are spending on your website. You can also calculate time on page, and Google calculates average time on page by dividing the entire duration of all sessions for a selected page by the whole number of sessions that page generates.

However, it’s not always straightforward. so as to live the particular duration of a session. So, how does one improve the average time on page? Let’s check out the fundamental techniques for increasing the time your visitors spend on your site.

1. Responsive Design

Website owners can expect tons of traffic on the website from mobile devices and tablets. Therefore, it’s vital to have the website responsive, so it delivers an excellent user experience regardless of what device the user access it from. Boost the engagement and increase the conversion rate with mobile-friendly website design. Discuss your requirements with experienced website developers so that they will check your website for responsiveness. You need to hire the best website development company to make your website responsive and attract more visitors.

2. Add Success Stories

People like to read success stories; then, you’ll add success stories on landing pages. You’ll also consider adding client testimonials so that the audience can relate to your brand. It is often a realistic idea to contact your existing or past clients and ask them to supply you with their testimonials so that you’ll pull the eye of the new customers.

 3. Improve Website Speed

One of the main reasons why your website could also be experiencing a better bounce rate is slow loading speed. Slow page loading time may have a negative impact on your conversion rate. It’s essential that your website loads in but 3 seconds, or it might be hurting your sales. 40% of the people wouldn’t wish to await quite 3 seconds for the online pages to load. Hence, you ought to monitor your website for the location speed and check all the various pages. Along with a quick loading website, you ought to pay special attention to the user experience also. An honest website design agency can assist you in testing your website and making sure that you’ve got a quick loading site.

4. Offer An Interactive Experience Through Videos

People prefer videos over text. You’ll include interactive videos to succeed in a wider audience as they’re considered to be an efficient tool for spreading the proper message across your audience. You’ll add videos to your pages to spice up user engagement and increase the typical time spent on your website.

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 5. Clean UI

A clean and straightforward interface (UI) would attract more users on your website. Remember that you have only a couple of seconds. Hence, confirm that your site features a clean and straightforward to use UI so that you’ll convince the visitors to remain on the website. The content and pictures should be easy to read and understand. The clutter-free and straightforward design makes it easier to know and increases the conversion rate too.

 6. High-Quality Images

Believe it or not, images and visual elements play a serious role within the popularity and success of a web website. If your site has high-quality graphics and visuals, you’ll increase the typical time spent by online visitors. Hire expert graphic designers to make the simplest quality images for various pages of your site. Fullscreen background images can make your landing pages look beautiful. Optimize your images using image editing tools so that it doesn’t hamper your website.

 Concluding Words

It may not be a simple task to extend user time spent on your website. Try employing a combination of various tips and tricks, and you’ll be ready to achieve your business objectives. You’ll hire an SEO expert to check your website and assist you with the simplest strategies and lead you towards the business grow.

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