Saree: The Multipurpose Outfit for Every Occasion

Whether it’s the 16th century or the modern 21st century, the saree has always been one of the favourite multipurpose attires for every woman.

It is not only popular for special occasions but is also won on a daily basis by housewives. As they are made of different materials and fabrics, they can be divided as per the occasion and season. This traditional Indian attire symbolises the elegance and beauty of a lady.

The saree is worn by women throughout the world. Very easy to wear and can be draped in different ways. Apart from being the most comfortable garment, they are easy to carry and highly comfortable. The best part about a saree is that it suits women of every age and every body shape.

Fabrics Used to Make a Saree

Made in a variety of fabrics that are comfortable, light in weight, and heavy and glossy like silk. Each and every fabric has its own characteristics, and depending on those characteristics, the sarees are worn on different occasions.


Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics that is popular for daily wear. The breathable and absorbent characteristics of cotton make it the most preferred fabric for summer.

Cotton is obtained from the cotton buds of plants and then threaded into mills to make a soft and lightweight fabric.

Sarees made of cotton are dyed in beautiful colours and are beautified with prints like flowers and geometrical lines and shapes.

The traditional motifs and paisleys on the borders of the saree and pallu make it even more attractive. It is the best one to wear on a regular basis.


The fabric that is convenient for casual as well as occasional wear is georgette. It was originally made of silk, but nowadays it is also made from different fabrics such as crepe or viscose. The flowy and shiny characteristics of georgette make it the perfect choice for a modern appeal.

The sarees made for casual wear are detailed with prints, and the ones made for occasional purposes are embellished with stones, pearls, borders, and different types of embroidery. Paired with a matching blouse and some pretty accessories, it gives you exemplary appeal.


Chiffon is similar to georgette but less translucent and flowy as compared to it. This fabric is also made from silk and some other fusions of fabrics. This gauze-like material is best known for its sheer and shimmery nature.

They are popular for their durability and low cost. It is usually made of natural fibres such as silk or cotton.

Chiffon sarees are detailed with pretty prints and different types of embroidery. Floral prints and phulkari borders are some of the best embellishments done on chiffon sarees.

They are detailed with different friends and designs according to the occasion and festival. Pahrenge’s matching blouse finalises the overall look.


Silk is a natural fibre obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. It takes years to produce silk and make the best outfits out of it. Silk is considered a rich and royal fabric due to its shine and glossy texture.

The fabric is used to make a variety of outfits, of which sarees are the most loved. Usually, the outfits made of silk are detailed with golden and silver zari.

A wide range of silk sarees are available on the market. Banarsi silk, Chanderi silk, Kanjeevaram silk, and Mysore silk are some of the most popular silk sarees around the globe.

Nowadays, these beautiful wholesale sarees are easily available in online stores. You can easily have your saree delivered to your door using this service.


The transparent fabric that is popular among modern ladies is net. It is a soft and lightweight fabric detailed with beautiful embellishments, including stones, pearls, and diamonds.

The fabric is available in a wide range of colours and is used to make pretty ethnic outfits. The sarees made of net are light in weight and immensely beautiful.

Some of the modern sarees, like ready-to-wear sarees, palazzo sarees, and lehenga-style sarees made of net, are perfect for post- and pre-wedding functions. A sleeveless silk blouse paired with the saree gives it a ravishing appeal.

Different Types of Saree

There are sarees available in the market, each one of them having its own beauty and elegance. Here are some of the popular saree styles that would give you a perfect appearance on a different occasion.

Daily Wear Saree

First of all, there is the daily wear saree, which is available in a variety of colours and patterns. And absolved fabrics such as cotton and Georgette.

As these sarees are made to be worn casually, they are not embellished or embroidered. The sarees have small prints and thin borders, which makes them perfect for regular wear.

They look better when paired with a matching cotton blouse. It is better to pair the saree with a simple blouse, as the saree is not very heavy and made for casual wear. A simple pattern is the right choice for daily-wear sarees.

Party Wear Saree

Another popular saree type is the party wear saree, which is specially made for special occasions and parties.

Party wear sarees are detailed and designed with beautiful motifs and designs. They are made of fabrics such as rayon, silk, georgette, cotton silk, and crepe that make the outfit look stylish and heavy.

The saree is available in different styles. They can be traded in different ways, and some of them are even ready to wear. Ready-made sarees are easy to wear and take less time as compared to the classical saree. You just need to talk to them without wasting time on pleats and pallu.

Bridal Saree

Indian brides love to wear sarees to their wedding functions. And all the functions are in one of the functions, like mehndi haldi or sangeet, where the bride loves to wear a saree.

Not only the bride and bridesmaids, but every woman loves to don a pretty saree on different wedding occasions.

As the bridal sarees are special, they are made from rich fabrics such as silk and jacquard. Apart from the fabric, the saree is even more detailed with beautiful borders and embroidery.

Nowadays, they are not only limited to red or maroon but are even available in a wide range of colour options, including pastels and darks.

Bottom Line

In short, a saree tends to be one of the most favourite outfits of every lady, whether it’s for a special occasion or an auspicious function.

By pairing traditional accessories with beautiful makeup, you can finalise your saree look in the best way possible.

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