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Located in the scenic Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, Bir Billing is a paradise  for adventure enthusiasts who want to soar high like birds. Known as the paragliding  capital of India, this charming city offers an amazing flying experience amidst the  magnificent Himalayan landscape. In this article, we will take you on an exciting journey  through the world of paragliding in Bir Billing, exploring its history, adrenaline-pumping  sport, safety measures, state-of-the-art facilities and mesmerizing beauty that make it a  paradise for paragliders. . around the world Bir and Billing are small villages located  about 14 km apart in the Kangra Valley.

Bir is known for its natural beauty, unique Tibetan culture and extensive tea gardens,  while Billing is popular for adventure sports, with the village offering paragliding, hang  gliding, hiking and outdoor camping for tourists. Billing’s most famous spot is its  paragliding take-off point, the second highest in the world, rising to 8,000 feet and  offering panoramic views of the valley below. The landing site is in the fields west of  Chowgan at Bir.

A brief history of paragliding in Bir Billing

Paragliding in Bir Billing dates back to the early 1990s when a group of adventurous  people discovered the ideal weather conditions for paragliding in the area. Word spread  quickly among agitators and soon Bir Billing became a center for gliders and pilots alike.  Today, it is internationally known as a destination where dream flights come true.  Paragliding skills

Often described as the art of flying, paragliding involves flying a light foot-powered glider  through the air. Unlike hang gliders, gliders do not have a rigid structure, but instead  rely on the shape of the wing and suspension lines to maintain shape and stability. We  delve into the intricacies of paragliding and explain how pilots control their flight,  navigate terms and glide effortlessly down the slide.

Weather and flight conditions in Bir Billing

The success of paragliding in Bir Billing is largely due to the unique weather conditions.  The area has constant, stable and predictable winds, especially during the flying  season, which usually lasts from September to November and March to June. Learn  about different types of winds, such as valley and thermal winds, and how they  contribute to birdlike flight.

Safety First: Precautions and Training

Safety is paramount in any adventure sport and paragliding is no exception. Learn  about the rigorous training programs aspiring pilots go through to earn their skydiving

license. Learn about safety precautions from experienced pilots and the importance of  well-maintained equipment for a smooth and safe flight. We also learn about the role of  a tandem pilot and how beginners can experience the thrill of paragliding under the  guidance of a professional. A day in the life of a glider

Step into the shoes of a glider and experience a day in their life. This section provides  an inside view of the art of gliding, from gear preparation to takeoff, understanding the  nuances of thermal interception, making informed decisions in flight, and landing  perfectly.

At the top of the Himalayas: The Biri settlement experience

Imagine hanging in the sky with the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range and the  Kangra valley beneath your feet. The Bir Billing paragliding experience is like no other  and we take you on a virtual flight through the eyes of experienced pilots who have  flown over breathtaking landscapes. Witness the amazing beauty of the region,  abundant greenery and serenity that fascinates every glider. Beyond Paragliding:  Exploring Bir Billing

While paragliding is central to Bir Billing, the town has much more to offer. Explore the  cultural and natural assets of the area, such as the Tibetan colony, ancient monasteries,  tea gardens and scenic tours. Learn about the local cuisines and crafts and understand  how the peaceful surroundings and warm hospitality add to the charm of Bir Billing.

Bir Billing World Championships and other events

Find out how Bir Billing has become a prominent location for international gliding  events, attracting experienced pilots from around the world. The Bir Billing Paragliding  World Championships is a highly anticipated event that showcases the best pilots  competing for top prizes. Learn more about the preparation, challenges and  excitement of hosting such prestigious events.


In conclusion, paragliding in Bir Billing offers an unparalleled experience of flying high  above the Himalayan landscape, making it a must-visit destination for adventure  seekers. The history of the sport, safety measures and training combined with the  fascinating beauty of the area create an unforgettable adventure that will make you feel  like a free-spirited bird in the sky. So pack your bags, get your wings ready and embark  on an exciting journey to Bir Billing – the paragliding capital of India!

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