Is Web Hosting the best solution for small business

Is Web Hosting the best solution for small business

Web hosting allows an individual or a group or a company to launch a website or a webpage on the internet. This allows anyone with access to the internet to view the website or the webpage by just mentioning the website address or the domain name on the internet.

In today’s world where the internet is the source of all information, it is then important to have your website hosted on the internet. Small businesses can also benefit from this since there is far more reach in this method.

One may just register a domain name but this is not this does not activate the website. Registering the domain name without hosting it is as good as having your name registered but people do not know you yet except yourself. To give access to the domain over the internet, one needs to host the same. Domain hosting is done by web hosting services.

By hosting your domain on the net via the web hosting services, one is then allowed booming the server space to store the domain’s online files. When an individual accesses your domain, the person is directed to your website specific files.

One can design the website on the individual’s computer, upload the same onto the domain with the support of web hosting services, and then allow people to access it.

There are many web hosting services available. They charge an amount for the same. One also has the option to set up your own server space but the investment in doing so may far exceed the cost by involving a web hosting company. The web hosting companies have their support systems in place that can restore and preserve the service working and continuity.   Not that expensive web hosting services are good but there are many economical ones too. Finding the correct web hosting services is as good as finding your own house. The correct web hosting service provider will ensure the optimum speed with resultant positive revenue growths.

The following characteristics would be important to look at while selecting your web hosting service provider:

  • Reliable – the web hosting service provider should be reliable enough that the server is up and running 24 hrs; any gap for even a few seconds can cause a severe dent in revenues
  • Pricing  – the web hosting service provider should be fairly priced; there are many available; some may trick a person to avail services that may not be required but you end up paying for those additional services
  •  Security – cybercrime is one of the biggest challenges in today’s technology-driven world; you must review the available security service of the web hosting company to ensure that the end-user experience is hassle-free and safe

As a small business entrepreneur looking for a web hosting service provider, you reached the correct place. We will guide and introduce you to the best web hosting service providers. This list had been prepared extensively based on our research. The list selection will be based on the above-mentioned criteria.

The list mentions the strength of each service provider and helps you make a final decision based on your needs the provider’s strength.

The list is detailed with marking under the following parameters:

  • Types of Hosting
  • Hosting Features
  • Uptime
  • Value For Money
  • Help and Support
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • RAM
  • Pricing
  • A web hosting service provider offers different type of hosting services like:
  • Shared
  • VPS
  • Dedicated
  • Reseller
  • WordPress
  • Cloud

Most have a 24/7 delivery team for their WordPress services that will help to grow your business. They offer a choice of services from economical to bit expensive based on the services they provide. 

Each offer has its unique salient features. Some of the key features are :

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Auto updates
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Some of the top Web hosting providers are :
  • BlueHost – they are best for beginners
  • DreamHost – they are affordable
  • HostGator – allows scalability within the price
  • Hostinger – affordable
  • A2 Hosting – quick and reliable
  • GreenGeeks- they are eco-friendly
  • WP Engine – for WordPress hosting
  • InMotion – for VPS hosting
  • SiteGround – for customer service

What are the factors that makes Web Hosting the most beneficial for small business. The pandemic has taken a toll on our health and business .There is not a single industry in the entire market segment that has not been impacted. Making your presence online or creating brand awareness can only be done if you uplift your brand, create a smart website and upload your products and services using the service of Web Hosting.

How to? When to? Where are few of the critical questions that needs to be answered before you start to venture into the online market? We bring you smart solution, Tips & tricks and Do’s and don’ts tactics that will help you find and create an identity even if you call your business small business.

Explore the opportunities and bring in a change.

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