How Is Serverwala VPS Switzerland Better Than Cloud Hosting?

When website owners look for cost-effective as well as compelling web hosting solutions, the two most prevalent options come up – Virtual private server web hosting & Cloud server web hosting. People often get gobbled when it comes to deciding the perfect choice amongst these for hosting their websites.

A VPS Switzerland brings in an independent & secure web hosting environment just as a dedicated web server does. Whereas cloud web hosting brings in the support of a network of servers for easy scalability and the highest uptime.

Via this guide, you are going to get comprehensive learning about both these web hosting solutions in order to apprehend the best choice for your website.

Moreover, to make the best use of the high-grade benefits of VPS Hosting Switzerland, you are required to seek a dependable as well as renowned web host.

Thus, we have also highlighted one such web host that lets you have cheap VPS hosting services & facilities in Switzerland from the Serverwala data center. Let’s now begin comprehending both the VPS & Cloud web hosting in detail.

About VPS Switzerland

The Swiss VPS hosting functions on the compass of virtualization technology. It enables your website to attain high processing power as well as accessibility to substantial dedicated web resources.

A ‘Hypervisor’ software is utilized to partition the physical server, which ultimately constructs virtual spaces known as virtual private servers. Each virtual private server comes with its distinct dedicated web resources & isolated web hosting environment.

Further, no VPS Switzerland can interfere with the activities & performance of any other virtual private server. Moreover, you obtain the following administrative privileges with the VPS web hosting-

  • Freedom to run a preferred operating system, software, and applications
  • Right to configure the web hosting environment as you desire
  • Authority to utilize your VPS hosting the way you need
  • Right to scale your existing dedicated web resources anytime

Benefits of Serverwala VPS Hosting Switzerland for Online Businesses

Apart from the beneficial privileges mentioned in the previous section, you obtain the following excellent hosting benefits with Serverwala’s cheap VPS in Switzerland –

  • 99.90% Uptime network assurance
  • High-level data security measures
  • Easy customizability with Switzerland VPS Server
  • SSH root access control
  • Automated data backup services
  • Free SSL certificate & Softaculous one-click installer

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud web hosting enables you to access your website at any time and from anywhere around the globe. It makes your website get replicated on each cloud web server that comes under a specific cluster.

Further, this helps your website get routed to another server in case the existing one is having maximum web traffic. At the same time, this concurrent allocation of equivalent resources on the cloud web servers under the cluster lets you acquire high hosting reliability. So, cloud hosting is also called the top-of-the-line website hosting solution in the industry.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting for the Websites

Mentioned following are some of the essential benefits you obtain under cloud server web hosting-

  • The flexible cost-pricing structure
  • Automated resource scaling
  • Redundant web hosting server environment
  • Maximum uptime network and resource availability
  • Speedy web hosting server setup procedure
  • Safety from server hardware problems
  • Straightforward server management dashboard
  • Overall environmental influence diminishes

Which one is better for the Website: VPS Switzerland or Cloud Hosting?

Here is a quick comparison of the key differences between Switzerland VPS Server & Cloud server web hosting. Let’s get a quick glimpse at them!

VPS Hosting

1. It comes with a private server-sharing model for hosting a website.

2. With VPS Switzerland, you are needed to pay prior for what you think your website hosting requires.

3. The hosting & resource flexibility depends on the web hosting provider from whom you purchase the Swiss VPS hosting plan.

4. The virtual private server web hosting may not come with instant provisioning.

5. A virtual private server provides an autonomous & highly secure web hosting environment.

6. You can obtain the highest & fastest performance with the support of multiple data centers depending upon the web host you choose.

Cloud Hosting

1. It comes with a dedicated cloud server-sharing model for hosting a website.

2. With cloud server web hosting, you get the possibility to pay as you go.

3. Cloud server web hosting renders easy & high hosting flexibility.

4. The cloud server comes with instant provisioning when you purchase managed web hosting.

5. Privacy & Security depends on the type of cloud web server you buy.

6. Cloud server web hosting provides optimal performance & support from multiple data centers.


If you have read this guide thoroughly, you must have understood the functioning as well as the importance of both VPS Switzerland & Cloud server web hosting. A cloud server web hosting enables you to acquire the support of a cluster of web servers & attain easy resource scalability.

In simple words, Switzerland VPS hosting serves as the excellent & cheapest alternative to dedicated server web hosting. As a website owner, you can assess which web hosting solution is the most profitable choice for your website.

Also, you can acquire Serverwala VPS Hosting which provides best-in-class web hosting services & facilities in Switzerland.

The data center also lets you gain access to completely managed web hosting services with your powerful virtual private server in case you lack time or expertise to administer your web hosting server.

Check out right away the detailed website of Serverwala to get more information regarding top-leading yet cheapest plans & packages of virtual private server hosting.

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