The Role of AI and Voice Recognition technology

The Role of AI and Voice Recognition technology

It is impossible to predict or make any accurate assumptions about the future of web development. Technology is an ongoing process that is constantly evolving, and the evolution is bringing with its new advancements, new path-breaking achievements, making everyday life easier, enjoyable & meaningful, making businesses more engaging and responsive, result-oriented, providing smart solutions and enhanced business profitability.

In the past couple of decades, the web landscape has seen a complete overhaul in terms of appearance, easy accessibility, efficiency, and performance. Web identity remains the backbone of a business entity, an organization, or a corporation. It’s the website that clients and customers check as primary know-how about a company or an enterprise. Thousands of companies are dependent on their website for client interaction and the sale of goods & services. As we have stepped into a zero-physical interaction/ contact less environment, the dynamics of web development is fast revolutionizing.

The impact of technology on the future of web development can be explained by a living example that we have experienced during our lifetime. We were very much used to opening websites on our PCs and the web developers never focused on the aspect of the responsiveness of websites. But after the Mobile internet kicked in, we started to surf websites on our mobile phones and other compact devices. Fast responsiveness suddenly became a primary criterion for websites. Hence the developers had to adjust with the current trend and be at par with the boom in the mobile internet revolution and fast responsive websites and mobile apps became the new normal.

To be on the success path an entrepreneur would always keep a track on the future of technological development and the future of web development being an integral part of every business entity, cannot be overlooked. Some of the latest trends as per the experts can be analyzed as follows.

AI – Artificial Intelligence 

AI is no more science fiction; it is a part of our everyday life. It is normal for our computers and smartphones to respond to our actions, analyze our surrounding world, and operate based on information or data collected in real-time. Google search, Apple Siri, and social media sites like Instagram, Facebook are a few prominent examples of the utility of AI. These platforms stand up to the customer’s needs, show content as per the taste and preference of the users, track speech patterns, browsing behavior, etc. Now a day’s majority of the websites and e-commerce sites are being developed using AI technology, which works based on collecting client interests and preferences. For example, if I search for car accessories on Amazon, the AI knows my area of interest and registers it for future marketing and product information updates. So, Next time I visit the Amazon site or any associate third party site, (that is interlinked) I will find advertisements and updates on products related to Car Accessories.

Speech recognition technology

We have seen a significant breakthrough in this field that uses AI to track speech patterns and the user’s behavior & area of interest. The future trend of Web development has evolved around the advent of AI technology that provides high-quality voice inputs and thrives on data collected from its users. The idea is to provide an automated service to the users and customers, which is effortless, user friendly, and accessible in the shortest possible time, sometimes in a matter of seconds. Today’s world the consumers are highly impatient, the information and services are required to be provided instantly. The new age web developers are equipped to handle the current trend with an automated response mechanism using AI. This innovation has made users’ life easier and time saver. For example, we can book a cab through the Uber app without opening the app on our mobile handset. With the GPS on, the location of the customer can be confirmed, and the driver can send a booking confirmation message to the passenger with pick up details.

In today’s market, competition is very tough among websites. The successful are those who can engage and impress their customers/clients and retain their loyalty with easy and fast service. The most effective way to leave your competition behind is to make your website or online platform more interactive and easier for the users. Tracking your customers and satisfying them in the quickest possible time is the key to success in the current business environment.

The future of web development is a progressive story, scripted by new-age developers, in a customer eccentric environment. The scope of growth is limitless.

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