Is software testing –the new bug detector?

Is software testing –the new bug detector?

Understanding software testing is very important at it helps us to understand and map if the software we are going to use suits the right requirement and also to make sure the product is neat, which means it is free of any bug.

Though a new word in the technology world, this has created a havoc as it rightly involves all methods starting from checking through till execution so any software component, these software uses smart automatic tools and even manuals inputs to assess various properties. The main objective of testing a software still means identifying various errors codes, differences and the specific component that is missing in the actual software product Vs the one proposed.

Many software terminologies revolves around the testing techniques, such as the White Box, Black Box testing and some even call it the whirl world. In layman’s terminology, Testing Software is a general indication of verifying and evaluating the application, also known as AUT process. We have brainstormed and filtered down some of the key components that will help us understand Software testing better and also after you finish reading the post , you will be able to understand the importance of software testing , categories of Testing , benefits ,testing strategies and also what is testing program comprised of.

Importance of Software Testing:

Software Testing is a very crucial process because it helps fixing bugs and errors in a software and makes the whole experience seamless – these if identified early can be resolved and saved of any glitches or technicalities before it is finally delivered. A systematic testing of a software assures a reliable, secured and optimum performance for a software which in the long run saves cost, makes the process effective , exceeds customer satisfaction and above all safeguards your reputation

It is to be noted that software bugs can be a costly affair to be resolved and at times harmful for your system and threat to your business. A software bug simply seems to tiny but  it can take a big toll on the financial and resource. There are hundreds of evidences to support the above.

The Bloomberg Terminal in UK broke down and started to malfunction all because of a software bug and this impacted more than 3.1 Billion traders.

Nissan Motors had to recall over one million cars from the market as the software failed to sense the airbag. This resulted in few major accidents.

Benefits of Software testing

  • It acts as a Cautionary measure, saving the overall process and giving it a push forward.
  • Affordable – The Software testing process acts as a big advantage and helps save a huge amount of money in the long-term. If a bug is found at a later stage it involves a lot of money atom fix it hence it is advisable to conduct the testing of Software beforehand.
  • Secured: Since there is a huge hue & cry when it comes to software, it is the most vulnerable and sensitive advantage of software Testing. Organizations look for trusted vendors and support. A software testing done beforehand helps keep the risks and threats at bay.
  • Quality Check _ Software testing at the developing and post development stage ensures all the critical component of the software product is tested and product quality is intact .
  • Client satisfaction- The main purpose of any software product is to ensure that it meets client’s requirement and serve their purpose – UI/UX testing makes sure that the product is quality tested and is perfect for client’s experience.

Testing in Software Engineering 

The guidelines laid down by ANSI/IEEE 1059- all the Testing conducted in software engineering is simply a detailed process of assessing the software product. This is done so as to find if the existing software product meets the specifications of the product. The Software testing process involves in depth assessing of each and every feature of the software product for inspecting any loop hole or lapse and in due course the bugs and errors are identified. This process is crucial, secured and most reliable for your software’s optimum performance.


Categories of Software Testing 

Software Testing can be categorized into 3 forms:

Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing and Maintenance (Regression & Maintenance)

Functional Testing includes the following Testing categories:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Smoke
  • UAT ( User Acceptance Testing)
  • Localization
  • Globalization
  • Interoperability and more

Non Functional testing

  • Load
  • Volume
  • Scalability
  • Usability and So on


  • Regression
  • Maintenance

These are just a few software Testing mentioned, there is a detailed list of various testing conducted. Most of them do not fit the Testing resquieremts of the project and thus depending of the assignment and requirement, the Testing Software’s are identified for assessment.

Software Testing Strategies:

Listed below are some of the key software testing strategies used predominantly in software engineering:

System Testing – In this particular process, the software is compiled in a complete form and then tested as one. The software testing methodology assesses functionality, security, move ability and of course the bug.

Unit Testing largely emphasizes on designing the software. What you need here to check that the integrated units are working together as one without any glitch or challenge.

Integration Testing is the method or process in which one needs to stress on the structure and design of the whole software. The main focus is to test of all the separate or integrated units are functioning as one.

Executing –Program Testing

Smart, process oriented software testing that helps execute an original software program with an objective of testing the behavior and errors of the testing program. Execution, running and checking of the software is done with trail case data to check how the program behaves and responds to the test data. A functional program Testing will provide many options to detect the bug till the final step.

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