Top 8 Software Testing Blogs to hunt for in 2020

Top 8 Software Testing Blogs to hunt for in 2020


As we talk about program security and product and application to be bug-free, it is quite a daunting tasks for people like you and me to identify bugs just by looking at the tutorials, user manuals and pocketbooks, these literature do increases you knowledge and helps find out help and support to some extent yet it does not allow us to identify encouraging domains but do helps us depend on software testing articles and findings .

Testing software is becoming the next most aspiring domain in the current digitized era. Searching or identifying a bug can be one of the rewarding task for the testers and also for those who want to use an application bug free. What we depend on largely is the online manuals and home tutorials to elevate our knowledge bank and also prepare our-self for quick help to resolve a bug or an error.

It is also observed that few of the testing issues tends to get resolved through informative blogs and articles. The next 3 minute read will certainly aid in helping you a bit more than what is usually discussed and thought.


Blog# 1 Testing Blog Courtesy Google

Google has launched its official testing blog where one can update your latest news, information , updates and trending posts related to software – all these activities happens in the specific testing domain as soon as it is published. New articles are published on this domain everyday and and keeping a bookmark note on this can keep you posted and sharpen your skills tremendously . During the new normal phase- what can be a better way than hook onto these articles and posts and keep e-educating your self and prepare for mastering the category.

Blog #2 Software testing Material

Well are you looking for a website which is completely committed to quality pledge, testing and share with you  new articles and blogs posted every day. Simply search for Software Testing Material covers every domain with its latest tools and updated content that fresher loves to study and make note of , professionals enjoy glimpsing through and developers place their smart innovations and keeps the world updated of the latest technology tools.

Blog#3 Software testing tips & Tricks

This is quite similar to the one mentioned just above , however the articles and posts are primarily  dedicated to only testing. The chief focus of this url is that they share many tips & tricks which helps testers find amusing ways to include a smart twist on their invention. You may find it stratnge but this site also shares testing and –care-to-do for general appliances . If you thing different and want to test an application in a differmt way –the posts published ere can do wonder .

Blog # 4 Sticky Minds

A post it format blog that we can guarantee will keep you glued in . Their write ups , articles and informative blogs are unique and flows well . There is a huge difference between smart and famous testing groups , brand and communities. Well this one is in collaboration with software testing segment and in association with Techwell.They ensure they update their blogpost every week and with information and updates that benefits both the beginner and the professional equally. The site interestingly has a query section where you can simply search you rquery and find the answer as well.

Blog# 5 Lambada Test

LambdaTest is one of the most sought after blog post not only are they the leading solution provider for all cloud-based cross –testing platforms but are conscious information provider. They update the software testing blogs with regular updates and information , making it absolutely simple for all automation, manual and usability updates reach the viewer without any interruption.

Blog # 6 Adobe QA

Preferred and most popular Adobe QA brings to their viewer dense blogs with abundance of information and quality content. What you get is a vast array of software testing lbogs and manulas that helps the viewer understand the tools and automation techniques.There are many writers who share their expertise and experience through creative and informative writing , if you think you would like to join the gang – start now.

Blog # 7 GURU99

This is a software that educates you and teaches you new things and helps you learn innovative skillset through its software testing’s methodologies. It brings you great insights that one looks for to improve enterprise testing and various other topics, this software testing will definitely . If you are looking at improving the performance testing of your software – look no further

Blog # 8 Stack Exchange

One of the unique blogpost where you will find more Q & A and to put on record there are more than 10 posts that gets published everyday which makes it 70 posts per week . The members in their community are all very prompt and supports the queries posted by any other viewer or members with instant answers – Must read

We shall keep you all updated and posted on many other testing blog posts that will help you stay updated and informed – just keep following our posts for regular updates.

Each of the Blogposts or the websites mentioned above are just a personal selection – we encourage good reads hence suggest you to explore !

Happy reading and testing !

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