Latest software developed by IT company in India that can detect Covid

Latest software developed by IT company in India that can detect Covid

Worried about the rapid rise in the number of daily new infections? Are you among the ones who follow the news updates and the latest developments about the global pandemic happening around you? Your worry is reasonable as it is not only you, but the entire human race is reeling with this new menace that came in the form of a highly infectious virus. Today as we stand, all of us around us including ourselves, our lifestyle, our livelihood, our social behavior, our personal life, professional live, our activities, our economic condition and our mental health and well being, every aspect of our life has been adversely affected by this highly infectious virus named Covid-19 or the Novel Corona Virus.

What started around end of last year in Wuhan province, China as an unknown viral infection that claimed to have started from a wet market or a laboratory in Wuhan City, the deadly virus spread across the globe in a matter of few months, totally undetected. It caught the western world by surprise. India couldn’t escape from the eminent danger of mass infection in spite of a nationwide lock down and several strict measures taken up by the government. By the first half of 2020, India was well under the grip of the Corona virus with active cases rising everyday at a considerable rate. The rest of the story till date is well known to us, how the exponential rise in the number of cases has put India on the 2nd spot among the worst hit countries in the world.

During this exigency situation, the need of the hour is an excellent coordination of both medical science and software technology, discovery of new methods and implementation of software technology solutions that can work hand in hand for detection, testing and treatment of the deadly virus.

ESDS Software, A Nashik based IT solution company has successfully developed a tool that works on the basis of AI – Artificial Intelligence, to detect Covid-19 symptoms from chest X-rays.

The software developed by the IT company claims to detect whether the patient is suffering from COVID-19 or not in a matter of five minutes.

The procedure 

This is completely contactless testing procedure

The health officials are required to collect the chest x-ray report of the suspected patient

Upload the report on a web browser

Click the submit button

The software detects the parameters of the X-Ray report and can effectively detect presence of Covod-19 infection

This technology is not a new invention and said to be in use in other countries like France, China, UK and Israel. The software is said to be an assistive tool the helps the doctors in fast detection of the virus and quick decision making. The tests are already being done on a large scale across the globe and have been successfully tested in many state-run hospitals in large cities worldwide. Several thousands of report analysis has shown that the accuracy level of the software is about 96% or more.


The advantage of this software is that the tests can be conducted for free. It is quick and effective and in a great way assists the doctors to determine the next course of action for their patients. This software can also be used as an additional layer to test the presence of COVID-19 virus in a patient’s body, apart from the other mandatory laboratory test procedures that involves collecting of blood samples and swab tests. The Lab test results take longer time to determine the infection, sometimes it takes more than 48 Hrs for the reports to arrive, where as this software can be used for quick detection and the medical procedures can start immediately without wasting precious time. The Covid-19 virus is known to effect human body at a rapid rate and the lungs are commonly known to be the most affected body part where the first symptoms are noticed. In this scenario if a tool can detect the presence of Covid-19 infection from the X-ray report, it will be a great boon for the patients and can help save valuable lives of many thousands.

In an interview with the CEO and CMD of the IT software company – ESDS Group, he has mentioned that this kind of software development is the need of the hour. Our country is among the worst affected countries in the world in terms of daily infections and the rapid spread of the Corona virus. The number of cases are staggering and fast detection of the virus and prompt treatment is the only affective way to contain the virus spread and save valuable lives. This kind of software development can also reduce stress on the testing centers and lab rotaries across the country in a considerable extent. This kind of fast testing mechanism can also reduce the apprehensions and anxious waiting days of the patients that takes longer due to the stress load on the testing centers.

It is advisable to use this kind of software-based tools effectively on a larger scale during this pandemic period and reduce the time of detection and decision making. A fast detection can also assist in determining home isolation procedures and the treatment that follows.

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