Emerging Web development trends -2020

Web development Trend 2020 – An insight

Web development is a vast subject, its dynamic and evolving. For web developers learning new trends, remaining updated with new skills, staying abreast with new technologies and more over changing industry requirements and knowing the public demand, is a continuous process.

You might have come across the common elements like broken grids, white space, parallax scrolling, typography used by the web designers and it is the job of a web developer to ensure that all the elements functions as desired and the final output is according to your client’s / users expectation. Keeping updated with the latest technology is the key to survival in this dynamic space where trends change before you can even imagine. However, it is difficult to predict the future trends of web development, but it is the current trends that helps forecast or show a path to the future world, how the upcoming technology or future websites would look like. The trends are not only an immersive experience for the specialists on job but for the common users, customers and clients, the consumers. In this vast competitive world where commercial success is all about quality customer experience, you have to learn to keep your target audience always inquisitive about you and keep wanting your products and services. In order to provide best experience for your customers, users/clients, your web design ideas and your planning and presentation needs a complete overhaul.

We shall discuss about few exciting trends that are fast emerging in 2020 and shall stay put for the coming years.

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR)


The stage is already set for the Virtual reality technology. Since its advent couple of years back, it has taken our imaginations by storm. It’s no more a plot from a science fiction movie, Virtual reality is our experience of a real world around us while sitting at home, just wearing a VR equipment on our eyes. The equipment beams 360-degree videos with life like sound quality and picture clarity around our eyes, making our minds feel that we are present right there in the middle of things that are being projected in the video. Something like transporting one’s self to a virtual world. As amazing as it sounds, Virtual reality is the new trend that would see many more advancements in near future and regular web developers would integrate this technology in creating future websites.

Can you imagine surfing a website while wearing a VR head set and the commands being processed using voice recognition? Yes this technology is no far away. With the ready availability of fast internet downloading and streaming heavy content is no big deal anymore. Once streamed the VR creates such a resounding effect in views mind that it cannot be matched with none other.

Augmented reality (AR) is a virtual image, or a virtual experience that is created on a real physical world and can only be viewed by a specialized device or a smart phone. Here portions of the viewers physical world is enhanced by the developers with digital inputs. These inputs contain sound, video, graphics and GPS overlays and transforms it digitally by AR software and projects it a real life like image, coexisting with the physical environment of the viewer. The ARKit app introduced by Apple and the Arcore App developed for the Android version is a great example of the AR images that we click on our smart phones. Another example is the popular Pokemon games where the characters come live and uses your GPS locations and movements to track them.

The VR technology is a pathbreaking invention that has transformed our entertainment world and also the world of science, education and training. VR is being extensively used to train the doctors for critical surgeries by creating a life like atmosphere and simulations. VR technology is also used to train our pilots with life like simulators to have live flying experience and undergo training to handle emergencies and other complex operations. VR technology has transformed the world of entertainment, kids and adults with VR headsets enjoying action packed games are not new anymore. There are several reputed companies that are manufacturing high quality VR headsets for enhanced experience.

In near future companies and enterprises shall use the VR technology extensively to showcase their goods and services in order to attract the customers and provide the customers an ownership experience before purchasing the product. A 360 Degree real life like view of a product will help the consumers to decide better about their purchase. The technology can be effectively used in Real estate business to showcase your dream house before you buy it, you drive your favorite car or vehicle virtually before you purchase it, see a destination virtually before deciding to travel there.

VR has already taken a center stage where known brands like Google, YouTube and Microsoft have been using them in their platforms. The technology is set to become an important aspect of web development and soon be a part of the mainstream video communication.

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