How to Support Local Businesses During COVID-19

COVID-19 has been a tough challenge for everyone, local services, in particular, are taking a big hit. With federal government mandates to close non-essential businesses, numerous local stores are put on pause at the expense of their survival.

This unfortunate truth looms over our heads: If the pandemic persists, a lot of our precious local business may shut their doors for good. Luckily, there are methods you can assist your local service stay afloat throughout these uncertain times.

1. Buy Gift Cards

You might not require to acquire non-essential items today. However, you might as soon as the pandemic blows over. To help your local business keep its lights on, think about buying present cards to use for later. There’s bound to be a unique event, birthday, vacation, or event that demands the purchase of presents.

2. Order Takeout

If you haven’t panic-bought all of the dry goods and kitchen essentials at the grocery shop throughout the height of this pandemic, you should think about buying from your favourite local restaurant, much of which is still open. Although dining establishments briefly don’t use the dine-in experience, you can again purchase takeout. If you don’t feel comfy leaving your house, have the meal provided to your door through delivery apps such as GrubHub or Postmates. And please, tip the messenger generously.

3. Get the word out

Word-of-mouth is among the very best methods to promote your preferred local business. If you’re mindful of a store that is still open up to the general public, let your neighbours, good friends, or household know. Social media has made it even much more comfortable to distribute details to the masses, so use your social accounts for this purpose. In truth, you can use the “check-in” feature on Facebook to promote a local organisation on your Timeline or the area tag on Instagram to promote on Stories. You can likewise keep an eye out for “suggestion” posts from friends, putting the right word in for a local company.

4. Buy From Local Stores

Sure, you may select to go to your close-by Ralphs or Target for household and kitchen area products, but if a local store uses the very same items, buy from the latter, not the former. COVID-19 has adversely impacted everyone, but a large chain much better equipped to make it through the pandemic than a mom-and-pop shop in your neighbourhood. Store in your area and assist a small company in requirement.

5. Purchase Branded Merchandise

Some services offer a branded product on top of the services they provide. You’ve seen it before: a local Tiki bar offering t-shirts and hats bearing the business logo design. A local coffee shop is selling mugs, note pads, and tote bags. Getting your local companies’ product can include a little extra cash at a time when they require it a lot. Sure, you might not be a coffee drinker, but you can never have a lot of mugs in your cupboard.

6. Buy Local Produce

You might be amazed to see that farmers markets are still in operation. Considered essential services (numerous depend on farmers markets to buy their food), they remain open for customers seeking to fill their kitchens. Rather than going to a chain supermarket, store at your local farmers market for fresh produce. Because these markets are visible, there’s no population control to maintain the six-feet guideline the CDC suggests. (The CDC advises remaining 6 feet far from strangers.)

7. Stock Up on Entertainment

With individuals required to stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, it ends up being essential to stockpile on home entertainment. Sure, you might have subscriptions to Hulu, Netflix, and HBO, but you can binge-watch numerous motion pictures before they become tiresome. Consider buying entertainment from your local company, whether that’s from a used book shop or a video game store.

8. Shop Online

You might not be enabled to leave your house. However, nobody is stopping you from purchasing online. If your favourite local store has an e-commerce website, do your shopping online. Not only are you safeguarding yourself and others from contracting COVID-19 but you are also likewise assisting a local business stay afloat.

9. Tip Generously

You’ve overlooked that tip jar enough time. At a time like this, not only are small companies in danger but so are their staff members, mainly when they depend on ideas. The next time you pick up takeout at your local restaurant, do not overlook the suggestion container. The same goes for delivery workers. You are tipping more than you generally would is a fantastic way to state thanks to the people risking their health to bring your preferred meals to your doorstep.

10. Keep Memberships

You may no longer be going to the fitness centre during this time of social distancing. However, your subscription can help keep the local business afloat at a time when they’re no longer receiving foot traffic. If you’re economically able, do not cancel your subscription.

Written by Mechelle Roberts

In her 3+ years as a digital marketer, Mechelle has worked with countless small businesses and enterprise companies and organizations including Active Marketing,, AldrenGrowth, StatusLab, and Earn Free Backlinks.

To Date, she focused on to be a web copywriter and content strategist. He helps social good-driven brands rapidly grow their impact and income (in that order). Get his quick conversion-focused content packs and win more business.

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