12 Video Game Development Tools to Get You Started Making Video Games

Gaming is not just a game for the ones who enjoy it as most of the game players are 35 years old. Those days are gone when games used to be simple to play because nowadays virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) are involved as a new trend in the gaming industry. That’s why we are here to provide you the best engine and tools of 2020 for video game development that will make your game playing experience more fun and exciting.

As we know, for game developers and especially for beginners, it’s never been easier for them to make gaming tools without the help of programming languages. But these days there are so many video game development tools online by which you can create games quickly and easily.

Best Video Game Development Tools Of 2020 for Beginners

Looking for new and exciting tools for video game development? Here are some of them that will help you to make video games!

1 GDevelop

This tool is open-source free software and has an easy to use and intuitive interface. This tool allows the developers to create 2D games without coding or having any programming skills. But you need in-depth tutorials to know about all the aspects.

Price: It has no charges or fees of any kind and it also provides free source-code.  

2 Stencyl

It is one of the best video game development tools for beginners to create addictive 2D games without any code. It will help streamline your workflow and enhance development.


– It is free for web publishing (for beginners).

– $99 per annum for desktop and web publishing (for Indie developers).

– $199 per annum for web, desktop, IOS, and Android publishing (for studios).

3 Autodesk

In this, you can write or download the script by using MEL language for video game development. It has a powerful and realistic rendering with ease of use. With a suite of programs, you can create realistic 3D models in it.


– It has a free version and $30 per month for Maya LT.

– Starting $125 per month for Maya and 3DS Max.

4 Construct 2

It is easy to learn and permits you to create impressive video games in less time. Through this, you can easily make 2D HTML5 games without coding. But if you will take a free version of it, you will have only limited features.


– $499.99 for Business License

– $199.99 for personal License  

– $299.99 for Business upgrade

5 Unity

It is one of the leading apps for video game development that has augmented and virtual reality both. It is easier and more economical than any other game development tool and supports fully cross-platform development.


– Free, if funding and revenue don’t overdo $10,000 per annum.

– $25 per month for a plus subscription that is for hobbyists.

– $125 per month for a pro subscription for professionals and studios.

6 Twine

Twine allows you to make highly interactive and non-linear text-based programs as it is an open-source program. It just needs a little bit of programming knowledge.

Price: It is all free because it is open-source software.

7 GameSalad

This intuitive interface can be used easily and needs no coding knowledge for creating 2D games. It has a one-click feature and simple drag & drops function too to speed up the video game development.


– It has a free trial version and subscription package too.

– Starting subscription has a $17 per month fee.

– $25 monthly for the pro subscription

– 50% discount for students and educators.

8 RPG Maker

It is the best version out of all video game development tools as it has expanded the database including classes, characters, animations, actions, and more.

Price: RPG maker has ranged from $25 to $80. It also has a free trial for 30 days for new users.  

9 GameMaker Studio2

It is very easy to learn as it has various resources and assets. It allows you to create 2D games of high quality and has a wide-ranging built-in library.


– It has a free 30-day trial and you can purchase its creator license at $39 for 13 months to publish on Mac and Windows.

– You can also publish on Mac ubuntu, Amazon Fire, Windows, Android, and IOS at just $99.

10 GameFroot

It helps the beginners to simplify the game development with interactive items to choose from a big database.

Price: It is a free video game development tool but if you want a wide variety of images, sounds, and other elements, you can buy them.

#11 Adventure Game Studio

You can create adventure video games like Full throttle and Monkey Island. It requires no coding language but in this, you can only make video games for windows.

Price: It is free for all the users and has no limitations on any of its features.

#12 ClickTeam Fusion 2.5

This video game development tool is intended for advanced game developers but doesn’t need any complex coding. It has an event editor system, Box2d physics engine, and OUYA console for creating games quickly and easily.

Price: Currently it doesn’t have any free version but the free version will also be available in a short time.


These all are the top video game development tools that are used by developers nowadays. All these tools require less knowledge of coding and can be considered as a great platform for developers, students, and learners. 

Written by yatendra

Hey! I am yatendra, and professionally I am a game developer. I am very passionate about my work. As a game developer I have 5+ years of working experience in the different game development company, and now I am working with BR Softech Pvt. Ltd a leading game development company in USA.

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