How to Add Bates Stamp to PDF with Unknown Security Password?

Are you aware of how to add bates stamp to PDF documents? If yes, then move ahead, and learn to add page numbers to PDF without entering the encryption password set on it.

The usage of PDF files increased after the PDF came into use by organizations. PDF has the functionality to maintain the layout of the content set in the file. As the PDF got used by users all around the world, many advancements got introduced to work with the PDF documents. Some majorly known advancements are Split and Merge PDF, Add & Remove watermark in PDF, number pages in PDF, and many more like this.

In this article, we will be discussing the method to add bates stamp to PDF and also, a special technique to Bates number secured PDF files.

You know, Adobe Acrobat introduced the usage and functionality of PDF to the users around the globe. And now, Adobe is very popular to deal with PDF files & make alteration in PDF documents. But, does the Adobe provides provision to insert bates stamp into secured PDF files? And what for the case of unknown password PDF files.

The Adobe can add numbers to PDF page with a known PDF security password, but cannot alter without the owner level security password. Then, how do we resolve this issue? How to add bates stamp to PDF files without removing the alteration security manually? We will discuss the answer to these questions in the coming sections.

Expert Solution to Add Page Numbers to Protected PDF File

An expert suggested a method that will simply number pages in PDF documents with encryption. The method name is SysTools PDF Bates Numberer. This application has the functionality to remove the edit restrictions from a PDF file and add bates to it. There are many other functionalities offered by the utility that includes

  • Generate Bates Number for PDF files Independently

  • Generate Bates Number with File series functionality

  • Print PDF with Bates added (without saving the file)

Also, any number of PDF files could be numbered in a process with added functionality of entering the current date, additional text, maintaining file series option, removing encryption from PDF file(s), setting bates color and size, and many more. To know how to add bates stamp to PDF documents, download the application and move to the procedure discussed below

Steps to Generate Bates Number for Individual PDF files

  • Run SysTools PDF Bates Numberer on the system
  • Click on Bates tab from secondary menu
  • Choose to Generate Bates Number option & proceed
  • Add PDF files & check for Remove Encryption from PDF files checkbox
  • Add Bates details to be inserted and proceed
  • Position the Bates stamp & customize properties as required
  • Browse destination. Click Generate to add bates stamp in PDF documents.

After process completion, locate the destination to view PDF files with added bates. Now, these files do not have edit restrictions.

If you want to know the procedure for bates numbering in Adobe Acrobat XI Standard, the move down the section

How to add Bates stamp to PDF with Adobe Acrobat Standard?

To get your PDF files page numbered with Adobe Acrobat standard, you need to have the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat XI standard installed in your system. Then, follow the steps mentioned below to get your PDFs added with bates stamp

  1. Open Acrobat Pro DC application

  2. Go to Tools menu >> Organize Pages

  3. Select Bates Numbering option & click on Add option

  4. Click OK if no other files are to be numbered. Click Add Files to add more files

  5. Point a header/footer text field & select Insert Bates Number option

  6. In new window, fill the fields below

    1. Number of digits (1, 01, 001)

    2. Initial Start Number

    3. Prefix text to page number (optional)

    4. Suffix text to page number (optional)

  7. Click OK

This will add bates number in sequential order in the PDF file. Save the PDF file to make the changes permanent. For encrypted PDFs, an option to enter password to add bates is provided. Enter the password and give access to number pages in PDF files.


In this article, we have discussed how to add bates stamp to PDF and learned to add page numbers to PDF without Acrobat. An easy and efficient solution is described to insert bates on secured PDF files without entering the password for the same.

Written by Villiam Luther

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