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The mbox extension is the file name that is stored and used for organizing email messages in a single text file by many different mail clients for example Eudora, AppleMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Power Mail, MS Outrage, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot access the same file type into MS Office365. For that, we need to convert MBOX to PST first or straightforwardly import MBOX to Office 365.

The MS Office provides many useful features like benefits without application establishment,  anywhere data accessibility, better security, automatic products update, no data loss risks, which draws in numerous clients and tends for information relocation further.

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss the different manual ways and one professional method to import MBOX to outlook office 365.

 Need to Import MBOX to Office 365 ? 

Due to several reasons or restrictions for example unable to load emails, difficulty in handling large size documents in MBOX files applications, the vast majority of the clients migrate mailboxes to office 365. MS O365 can get to email messages, schedules, assignments, and different things from anyplace. Besides, cloud access makes it more extensive to utilize this application. It effectively defeats all the significant issues confronted while getting to the MBOX upheld email customers

 Migrate Mailbox to Office 365 Manual Approach

There are the only two manual methods to Import MBOX to Office 365

Method-1 Convert Thunderbird MBOX to PST File Format

Step-1 The First step is to open Thunderbird Email Client and then from the left panel on the screen, choose the file or folder.

Step-2 Then go to the right panel and chose the mails in the folder and press “CTRL+A”.

Step-3 There is a blue feature message. Right snap on the featured message and select the save As choice from the showed menu.

Step-4 Select the path to save the location of the folder and then click on the “select folder” button.

Step-5 When the file/folder is saved, limit the email customer – Thunderbird and open Outlook.

Step-6 Then click on the folder which was saved data is to be moved. Then choose the option called ‘Create a new folder’.

Step-7 Name the folder and go to Thunderbird again. Then, take the saved folder and drop it in the recently created folder in Outlook.

Step-8 Save the folder in PST format.

Method-2 Export PST to Office 365 with the help of Network Upload

Step-1 Microsoft AzureAzCopy on the PC and create a copy of the SAS URL

Step-2 Upload recently created PST file and look at all mail-in PST format

Step-3 Make another planning of PST information document and produce a PST import work in Exchange online record.

H3-Drawbacks or Limitation occurs to Import MBOX to Office 365

These are the limitations that arise during the process to migrate mailboxes to office 365 while using manual methods.

1.User have the technical knowledge to perform these manual steps.

2. Client needs to install MSOutlook and Thunderbird on the same device to migrate mailboxes to office 365.

3. You cannot import MBOX file toOffice 365 in bulk with all its attachments, you have to repeat the manual steps.

4.These steps are time-consuming for the user and are lengthy in process.

Professional Way to Import MBOX to Office 365

SysTools MBOX file to Office 365 migrator is the best solution that allows you to migrate mailboxes to Office365 in bulk with all attachments. This software is capable of restore the box File even after permanent deletion. The tool will support window10, 8, 7, and all the below versions. You will have file mode (Create a separate file for every MBOX file) and folder mode (to convert multiple MBOX files into a single file).

Main Features of the Software-


  • Support Multiple MBOXFormats
  • Move to Office 365
  • Export Selective Folder items
  • Dual Options to SplitResultant File
  • Multiple File Naming Option
  • Extract MBOX Attachments
  • Convert Apple Mail MBOXFiles
  • Convert Thunderbird MBOXFiles
  • Convert MBX files of EudoraMail
  • Convert MBOX Files of entourage Files
  • Gmail / Google Takeout MBOXFiles
  • Generate Export Report
  • No Email ClientRequirements
  • Scan MBOX From Random Files  Summing up In this blog, we have a look into the manual steps to import MBOX to Office 365 as well as the limitation or difficulties (like a lengthy process, time-consuming, need technical knowledge) for the client that occur while performing the manual methods. So we suggest you go with expert recommend methods to migrate mailboxes to office 365 easily.

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