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In your hunt for the greatest pop culture Halloween costumes, you may find inspiration in some of the year’s most famous television episodes and movies. After all, there is a plethora of amazing characters available to assist you in creating an awesome entertainment-inspired costume.

However, there is one programmer in particular that boasts larger-than-life characters that viewers cannot get enough of right now: Ted Lasso. Fortunately for you and all of the other self-proclaimed die-hard AFC Richmond supporters out there, the Lasso cast is full of characters who can easily be transformed into Halloween costumes.

In addition, while Ted is a fantastic choice, you may have a DIY and work-appropriate costume that resembles Roy, Keeley, Rebecca, or any of the footballers’ using materials from your closet. Certainly, buying a getup is always an option, but as the man once said, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Therefore, as you wait for the next biscuit day (season three of Ted Lasso will presumably be released later this year), let this selection of Ted Lasso Jacket costumes encourage you to get out there and be a goldfish. If you want to dress up as someone from The Office or The Good Place, you may do so as well!

About Ted Lasso

Dress as everyone’s favorite inspiring football coach if you want to spread joy on Halloween. While you most likely already have most of these goods, Ted’s wig and mustache will assist in defining the aesthetic you want to accomplish.

Following a difficult divorce, new owner Rebecca Walton is determined to get revenge on her unfaithful ex-husband by destroying the legendary brand. Moreover, Ted Lasso enters the picture. Despite having no expertise in teaching soccer, Ted accepts Rebecca’s offer to become the new manager with his right-hand man, Coach Beard. When he is brought in to be the franchise’s joke, players quickly learn that Ted has no ego and actually cares about his guys.

With Lasso, AFC Richmond faces challenges throughout the season, culminating with a thrilling season finale. Ted’s unwavering optimism, on the other hand, wins over the hearts of the football team’s owners, players, and fans. Only five days after its debut, the critically praised program was renewed for a second season.

Ted, as played by Jason Sudeikis, has a laid-back manner that is simple to imitate ever put together a fitting puffer jacket with khakis or a warmup suit (do not forget the cool sneakers). Several of these products are undoubtedly already in your closet. The mustache, of course, is the defining characteristic.

Rebecca Welton

Rebecca is the boss, and she dresses accordingly. She is rarely seen wearing anything other than professional apparel, such as well-fitted shirts and pencil skirts. Her pink bakery box i.e., packed with biscuits distinguishes her from any other well-dressed businessperson. Rebecca’s cold-weather outfit is our favorite. Certainly, she wanted AFC Richmond to fail at first, but now she is their biggest supporter. You will need your prettiest frock and golden tresses to look like the always-put-together Rebecca. If you do not have naturally blonde hair, a wig will suffice!

Keeley Jones

Keeley is by far the most glamorous character on Ted Lasso, and any of her outfits might easily serve as costume inspiration. Her eccentric sense of style can be observed in everything from her professional clothing to her jammies. If you are feeling brave, opt for Keeley dressed as a lion from Season 1!

Roy Kent

You could dress up as footballer Roy or Coach Roy, but we like the all-black suit, Roy. Of course, his girlfriend Keeley stands out even more in this outfit. You might choose a look that reflects Roy Kent’s soccer career or his tenure as a manager for the perfect Roy Kent. Whatever you do, you will be the topic of the party… especially if you adopt his constant scowl.

Coach Beard

Ted’s best friend and assistant coach is noted for his easygoing demeanor and amusing asides. You may get his appearance by wearing a few sportswear gears. This is also a terrific opportunity to grow out your own beard.

Nathan Shelley

Ted Lasso’s ex-friend has a simple appearance. Take your best business outfit, and you are almost there. Instead, you may channel his more casual coach look by wearing a sweater and track jacket.

Richmond Football Player

Because footballers wear uniforms, this is a simple look to pull off whether you want to dress like Sam Obisanya, Jamie Tart, or any of the other players. Just adorn a blue shirt with red duct tape for a low-cost alternative. With a few changes (switch out the shorts for jeans and add a scarf), you can be a Richmond supporter.

This attire is similar to the Lasso style in terms of accessories, such as a whistle, aviators, and a visor or ball hat, but it mostly consists of a blue tracksuit. Amazon sells show-specific track coats, which have a similar pattern and the identical team emblem, but they are somewhat pricey. Both Etsy and Walmart carry comparable things that are varyingly cheaper and would work perfectly. You could make an AFC Richmond logo out of construction paper and markers if you really wanted to, but any basic blue windbreaker will suffice.

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the adorable and bumbling Ted Lasso for Halloween? With these Ted Lasso costume ideas, you can become the character from the TV series that everyone knows and loves. Such amazing clothing includes everything you need to complete the outfit, including a costume jacket, mustache, visor, and white lanyard. Rubies’ is the world’s premier costume designer and manufacturer, so you can be confident that this legally licensed product is of great quality and will endure for many Halloween seasons. The Ted Lasso Leather Jacket costume is ideal for anyone who wants to express his or her support for the program or just have some fun this Halloween.

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