5 TOP mobile Development Technologies trending in 2020

5 TOP mobile Development Technologies trending in 2020

The world is evolving every second and with it is the mobile app development that has over the last few years gained advancement, due to the huge demands that float and directly influence mobile trends.

It is not a mandate but interesting to stay updated with the top trends and even most interesting is to be updated if you wish to offer the best to your clients.

All mobile app developers and sellers have hooked onto the cutting edge arguably the most critical component for success in this thriving planet. Being a software enthusiast, I am always into my R&D to understand the trend and stay connected with the tech gurus about gaining that Extra edge that mobile developers need to keep pace with.

Today I will top 5 trending Mobile development apps that are doing their rounds and has dominated the quarter I and quarter II of 2020.

#1– Mobile app for foldable devices

The first mobile phone that my husband gifted me was a Motorola flip phone; that was my priciest possession but with evolving time, trend, and technology it simply feels like a touch screen or a no button smartphone has simply swept away the market.

Foldable mobiles have somehow made a comeback. Last year September saw a release of several brands launching their foldable models –brands such as Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei Mate X. These phones had something in common and that is they were foldable and calls could be taken without opening the fold and the video. The feature of compressing and expanding the screen completely depends on the user’s choice.

Retailers, resellers, content engineers must account for each component and feature while developing an app, this is done to integrate the app and the display as and when the screen folds.

A research study conducted (2019 study by USA Today) shares an interesting fact that is more than 18% of the iPhone users and over 18.8% Android mobile users are highly excited to buy a phone that has a foldable design.

Statista shares their estimation which states more than 3.2 million foldable smartphones were shipped in the year 2019 and it is forecasted to reach 50 million by the next two years.

# 2 Internet of Things (Iota) App Accumulation

What is Iota and how does it work? The rapid growth of mobile penetration across the length and breadth of each market v=category sometime seems to bring us endless opportunities for the Internet of things.

Every Mobile user now wants to experiment with a new feature using the latest technology to better their everyday life.

It connects devices to the Internet and offers smart and automated controls and presents a smart opportunity in the era of Iota and mobile app development.

Surprisingly you can simply change the ambient temperature of your room and it is just a small task of connecting mobile apps with various household appliances.

Mobile apps are likely to reach over USD 143 billion concerning software and USD 194 by the year-end.

# 3 Mobile wallets

Users have revolutionized the use of mobile phones based on mobile commerce and app development in the current financial year. Various mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other payment apps are trending heavily.

Mobile wallets must be considered for app development in the current year with standard integrated facility features that people are accustomed to while using the common app.

In recent times ,mobile app development has become the most trendiest and most sought after technology that viewers are hooked to since it is the new normal and a contactless method – watch out the growth .

Mobile App development is estimated to reach and cross USD 14 billion by the next 3 years.

#4 Beacon Technology

If you are a retailer or a healthcare, hospitality custodian, beacon technology can add a noticeable advancement to this technology al you clients would need is to install beacons in their retail outlet that can seamlessly connect with the user’s phone using a Bluetooth facility provided the app is on your handphone. Whenever the user will pass by a beacon –they would be instantly intimated about the ongoing promotional activity in the store. Beacon also helps track buyer behavior and thus this technology has been embraced by several industries already.

Statista states there is a whooping growth of 59.8% in the annual growth of beacon technology. The market value will reach from USD 56.6 billion by the next 6 years.

# 5– Smart Mobile Commerce

Since I have promised to bring you the 5 Top trending mobile app development trends for 2020. I can’t help mentioning mobile commerce, a trend that is standing tall since 2018. Even after the world Pandemic was declared by WHO on March 11, 2020. Mobile commerce had gained immense momentum.

Every user is gaining advantage and leveraging mobile app development to accelerate revenue. Since there is plenty of scope and money to be made in the space.

Mobile eCommerce functionality is the one that makes a point, we are achieving the pinnacle and every demand made has to be reverted and actioned /To keep pace, you need not be replaced

Additional or add-on mobile app features showcases competitiveness and to stay ahead and successful, a mobile app tops the list.

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