Hybrid Mobile App Development — Career Scope in India

Are you a tech-savvy person and wish to build a career in the IT industry? Though there are numerous career options in the IT field, we would like to discuss with you today one of the most popular streams that are growing enormously on the global level – The Hybrid Mobile App Development.

Presently there are around 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world, with the utility of mobile apps increasing at an enormous rate. From online shopping to booking an appointment for a medical checkup, every eye is on some or the other mobile app for various purposes.

This global scenario has given rise to the demand for mobile app developers from various companies. Many startup firms are even switching to just a mobile environment, with the revolution in computing devices being now played out on mobile devices.

Why To Become A Hybrid Mobile App Developer?

One of the main reasons to choose Hybrid Mobile App Development as a career is because they are in high demand.

Why? Hybrid apps are economical, efficient, and have a fast turnaround time. Hybrid app development has a high degree of code shareability. This means that one code can be shared across multiple platforms. There is no need for different lines of code for different platforms.

Using only one codebase also makes it more efficient, agile, and easier to build and manage. Once you have finished building the hybrid app you can easily share it on Google Play store or Apple App Store.

Their Time To Market is fast and they are highly scalable. With all these advantages, and a booming mobile app industry it is easy to see why industries are looking for expert Hybrid Mobile AppDevelopers.

Businesses are now working in an environment of rapid digitalization. They have realized that hybrid mobile apps are the future of technology. With the emergence of ioT, AI, and 5G, it is vital that they use the latest mobile technology available to keep abreast of the changes.

Forbex recently reported that hybrid mobile app development will be the focus group in the near future.

Careers In This Field

Mobile Application Developer jobs are increasing on a large scale throughout the world.

India being no exception here, the careers for these developers are gradually growing in the country too. The salary for a Mobile App Developers’ job in India ranges from 1.8 lakhs to 12 LPA, with an average salary of around 5 lakhs INR.

Let’s have a look at the average salaries according to the listing on the job portal of the AmbitionBox.com. Given below are some designations and job titles if you are skilled and knowledgeable in

Hybrid Mobile App Development –

Average Salary in India

IOS Developer – 5 LPA

IOS Application Developer – 5 LPA

Android Developer – 4 LPA

Senior Android Application Developer – 8 LPA

Senior Mobile Application Developer 9 LPA

Hybrid Mobile Application Developer 4.5 LPA

Mobile Developer 5.1 LPA

Senior Mobile Developer 11 LPA

The above-mentioned list gives you an overview of certain job titles available in the Mobile

App Development market in India which require specific skill sets according to the job role.

Now let’s have a sneak peek at some of the skills and technical knowledge required for

taking up a career in mobile application development:



Mobile Application Development

Java Script


Application Development

React Native



Android Studio


Mobile Applications


Android SDK

Ionic Framework

Hybrid Mobile App Developer—Training & Hiring Program

The digital world of today is looking for mobile apps that provide a better user experience, and are quicker to develop and run on multiple platforms.

In other words, shorter development cycles, faster deployment and better performance. One of the key benefits of hybrid mobile apps is that it supports multiple OS with single code. This reduces time, effort and cost of app building.

Another major feature of this app which makes it easy to use is that it does not require any updates.

The hybrid mobile app is built with technology that developers can relate to, like JavaScript,

HTML, or CSS. All this is wrapped in a container that allows it to run on multiple devices. The capacity of a hybrid mobile app to change the future of business in any industry, its many features and advantages give it a highly attractive future.

We at Snable offer you a unique course in Hybrid Mobile App Development in Nagpur, which has been tailored with a business-related module. In just 6 months you are taken from being a basic developer to one who is competent in the advanced levels of Android development using JavaScript.

In 1400+ hours of training you become proficient in creating business projects and payment gateways. After completion of this course, you get the benefit of being hired by Snable itself, for a glorious future in the field of IT industry.

Written by Snable

Snable, a SaaS-based company, offers solutions and services that assist organizations to produce high-quality business apps, Ecommerce apps and greater consumer interaction by reducing product time to market.
Snable helps organizations develop innovative products utilizing easily deployable and customized accelerators, with a digitalization strategy at the centre.

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