5 Proactive Health Hacks That Everyone Should Know

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The fast pace of 21st century life often means compromising on health; processed food and all the mod cons can lead to inactivity and if you live in a city, this can compound things. Here are a few cool health hacks to help you maintain a high level of health & well-being.

  1. Oral health – Dental issues are frequent if you don’t have regular oral examinations, how would you ever know you have dental problems? For the best dental treatment, check out VTS Dental Laboratory, a company with many years of hands-on experience in top-rated dental treatment. The appropriate frequency for oral examinations is every 6 months and you can book via the clinic’s website.
  2. Daily exercise –Whatever your age, your body needs a daily workout; human beings are designed for action and any period of physical inactivity could lead to health consequences further down the road. You could enrol in your local gym or invest in some weights and workout at home. 
  3. Organic farm produce – If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you can order fresh, organic produce directly from their website and they will deliver to your door. A few dollars a week is all it costs to have fresh fruit and vegetables in the fridge. Enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie every morning after your workout and start the day correctly.
  4. Limit your sugar intake – If you have a sweet tooth, we recommend limiting your sugar intake; a high sugar intake can lead to diabetes, not to mention tooth decay and with artificial sweeteners, you can still enjoy a sweet taste. There are sugar-free products in the supermarkets if you look carefully.
  5. Be careful about exposure to the sun – The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause skin cancer and we recommend wearing sunscreen whenever you are outdoors. The instances of skin cancer in Australia have been rising for the past decade, which is why you should also wear UV-rated sunglasses and suitable sunscreen.

Maintaining a high level of health can be a full-time job and we hope that the above tips go some way to helping you to live a healthier life.

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