Stealthy Hidden Blade To Tackle Danger

We have all relied on knives for various reasons, especially for self defense. Some knives do a better job of being weapons than others. To keep you safe, if there is one blade that takes the crown, it’s a hidden blade. Yes, this is not just a thing you’ve seen in Assassin’s Creed or fantasy books; concealed weapons do exist.

If you haven’t pieced it together, the primary purpose of hidden blades is self-defense. The element of surprise with a hidden blade makes sure that your attacker is caught off-guard. You have a greater advantage of dealing with a dangerous situation if you’re packing a stealthy weapon.

What’s the Real Hidden Blade Like?

You might have seen the concept of hidden weapons in martial arts and fantasy novels. But they exist and are used to this day. The concept is ancient, so it’s hard to trace back its roots, but ninjas used them frequently. It gives the weapon wielder a leg up on their competition and surprises your opponent.

But in actuality, other than direct combat, hidden blades have been primarily used for personal defense. You can find many modern versions of it inspired by the originals in the market.

  • Boot Knife

This is a relatively common kind of hidden blade. Forest rangers, adventure travelers, and hunters use boot knives when they’re in the wild. It can easily be concealed within your boot or be strapped to your leg; out of sight. Even if you don’t use it for hunting, a regular person can also keep this close for protection.

  • Pen Knife

A completely modern and innovative version of the hidden blade is a pen knife. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a sharp edge concealed within a pen. This kind of weapon is normally meant for women to use in offices and crowded social spaces. You can carry this pen knife anywhere you like, and no one will suspect a thing.

  • Knife Necklace

Wearable weapons was also an old concept that was very common all over the world. You can still find this ingenious tactic recreated within a hidden blade necklace. It’s a small push-dagger that is concealed within a piece of jewelry and worn around the neck. You can carry it wherever you like and use it if you are in danger.

Real Hidden Blade For Sale In United States

There are two aspects to consider when thinking about the availability of hidden blades in the country. One, whether you can find quality concealed knives in the market? Secondly, is it legal to carry and use hidden blades in the United States? Let’s tackle these two queries one by one; the availability and the legality of hidden blades.

  • The federal law states that the use of any blade smaller than 3.5 inches is legal for public use. So most hidden blades are allowed to be carried publicly. There are some states like California where concealing any blade is a crime. You have to keep your blade open in public so that the rules may vary there. It’s best to check your state laws before purchasing a hidden blade for self-defense.
  • Yes, you can find a large number of hidden blades in the market. It would help if you looked for them in weapon shops, pawnshops, and swap meets.  You will also discover that they are becoming increasingly popular over the years.

If you want to buy the best variety of hidden blades, online stores are your go-to place. They are not only easier to browse through, but they also have all the best knives in one place.

Cheap Knives For Personal Safety

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Just because you are inclined to spend less, that doesn’t mean you should get low-quality materials. The knives for sale at Knife Import specifically cater to all society’s tiers, so no one is left out. You can buy your hidden blade from their store at reasonable prices, half the standard market rate.

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