What to expect in Louisiana real estate market in 2021

Louisiana has a strong impact on the country’s history. Its unique culture continues to draw so many people to visit because of the Mardi Gras and other various music festivals every year. Residents of Louisiana enjoy a relaxed style of living due to the heat and humidity, but also because of the friendly neighbors. The median home value in Louisiana used to be around $147,899. People are mostly considering relocating to Louisiana because of the low cost of real estate as well as the very low property taxes. Another amazing fact is that there is no vehicle property tax!

Louisiana’s 2021 Real Estate Market

The median listing price in Louisiana is around $161,800, which is below the national average. However, because of the Covid 19, residents have spent a lot of time in their homes due to lockdowns This shifted the focus on how important the quality of life in your home is which led to a higher demand on real estate markets. Here are some of the cities that offer great quality and affordable housing.

Lake Charles

Lake Charles is known for its gambling, exquisite music, and amazing cuisine. The city serves as the major educational center for Southwest Louisiana. The median real estate value is around $135,062. Lake Charles has so many things to offer. You can attend amazing festivals, take a walk at Wetland Walkway or just enjoy amazing food or enjoy a walk on Holly Beach, which was once known as the Cajun Riviera.


This city represents one of the great places to call home. You definitely won’t be disappointed choosing to live here. Alexandria is a small city with approximately 45,000 residents. It became the hub for trading and farming and home to many big plantations. The median home value is estimated at around $131,639. Alexandria is also known as the home to Kent Plantation House. It is an authentic plantation house built around 1796 before the Louisiana Purchase. This is one of the oldest standing structures in the entire state of Louisiana.

City of Monroe

The City of Monroe is located in Ouachita Parish County. It represents an educational, medical, and economical hub for Northeast Louisiana. Monroe is also the birthplace of two of the biggest names in American business. This city is a place where Delta Airlines was formed back in 1926. It also used to be the home of Coca-Cola’s first bottling plant! With a steady job market, amazing education, and beautiful parks and events, this city is a great choice to live in. Nowadays, the median real estate value is around $148,065. In case you choose this city and need extra space for your belongings, Monroe gives lots of options. You’ll be able to find reliable, spacious, and affordable storage units that can facilitate your personal items both long-term and short-term.

Buying real estate in Louisiana

In case you’ve decided to purchase real estate in Louisiana, it’s very possible that you’ll be needing a loan. To get it you need to have a good credit score (over 650) and a down payment. Depending on your state, the down payment may be from 10 to 15%. This is not a law, it’s just common practice. You should get all of the details from your banker.


There is a chance to buy real estate without a down payment. However, in this case, the mortgage rate is much higher. Nowadays, mortgage rates are much lower because of the state economy that was affected by the global pandemic. Rates are not fixed and they depend on a lot of factors such as credit history, how much deposit you have, and how long the installment plan is. Once again, you should check all of your options with the bank.


Now that you’ve chosen a location that best suits you and bought your dream house, the next step is to relocate. Here are some of the things you should do and tips on how to do it the right way and have a stress-free move. It’s very important to make a plan in order to avoid making any mistakes.


Packing the right way is simply a must! Even though it’s always seen as intimidating and sometimes even boring, it’s of utmost importance to do it properly. You’ll have to get many good-quality boxes. These boxes will protect your items and this is why their quality is very important. Especially if you have to pack some of the sensitive and fragile items.


After packing, comes the transport of your household items and possessions. In this case, we sincerely suggest relying on professional assistance to help you out with the relocation process. With them, your entire move process will be fast, and stress-free. Besides the help you get relocating, they can also help you out by introducing you to the area you are moving to so you have a chance to learn more about your new neighborhood.

Hiring professional movers

Relocation is usually tiring and it can be hard and overwhelming. Since it always happens to be this way, we always suggest hiring a moving company. Like we already mentioned, these people are professionals and they know what they’re doing. In case you don’t think you can afford it, here is the process that is affordable and simple. These tips will help you out how to cut down your moving expenses!

Moving day

Are you ready? Now that you’ve found your perfect home and organized everything regarding your relocation, you can relax and enjoy. Our last advice would be to take care of your health and have a last-minute checkup so you don’t miss anything. Just follow this guide and we guarantee you’ll be fine.

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

Mary works as a team lead content writer for clients in the moving industry and real estate.
Working as a freelancer for 10+ years has enabled her to explore and cover a variety of topics, master her communication skills as well as develop a unique writing style.

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