How to keep hair healthy & shiner in summer

Summer is a time when people experience massive hair shedding and greying. Though we can’t change the weather by our self, we can take care of our hair. There are many hair treatments that can help you keep your long shiny hair in good condition.

Wondering what home remedies you can use to save your long hair from getting damaged.

Fret not. We are here for your rescue. We’ve gathered all the best remedies that will stop hair fall, instantly. So without any further delay, let’s dig deep into this insightful information.

List of the best ways to hair healthy & shiner in summer

1. Apply a Hair mask

Applying a mask that includes egg, banana, olive oil, yogurt, and vitamin E. It will provide all the nutrients that your hair needs. All you have to do is combine all these ingredients and blend them into a smooth paste. Apply this mask to your hair and keep it for about 30 min and wash with a good shampoo.

2. Use Aloe Vera

Sweat in summer can cause an itchy scalp, so to keep your scalp clean try applying the gel of it and massaging your head. As Aloe Vera soothes irritating skin. It’s rich in nutrients that protect your hair from falling out. So if you’ve been suffering from the itchy scalp in summers and want to go for natural products. Then we’ll recommend you Aloe Vera gel.

3. Avoid Shampoo with chemicals 

Summer is hot and dry weather and washing your hair with shampoo that contains harsh chemicals can easily remove all the natural oil from your hair leading to extreme dryness. Thus it becomes necessary to use a shampoo that does not damage and dries your scalp in summer.

4. Regular oily

Oiling is the best solution for hair fall and dryness. A warm oil massive increases hair strength. It even reduces the dryness of both hair and scalp. It even helps to get rid of dandruff. Plus it even reduces frizz, split ends, and increases blood flow at the same time. Either you can go for coconut oil, olive oil, or any other.

5. Use a conditioner

Applying condition after shampoo is also a good way to avoid fizziness and dryness. A good quality conditioner has everything that you need. However, there are many conditioners now available in the market. But before buying any ordinary or expensive hair conditioner, make sure that you are aware of your hair type. Because not every conditioner can suit your hair. So before buying read all the instructions written on the back of the product. This will help you get hands-on the right conditioner for your hair.

Our Final Verdict

So say no to hair fall and dryness in summer. Hopefully, if you practice these above-mentioned ways and remedies you can save your hair. Though there are many more organic ways, yet these are the best, tried and tested ones with no side effects. So with no more before summer does more damage to your hair follow these right away.

Written by Pritika Arjun Kumar

Pritika Arjun Kumar is a Content Creator, Digital Manager, and Influencer. She even runs her personal blog “Justblogo”.She has also written articles and blogs on different topic including health, technology, fitness, festivals, businesses, etc. She’s on a mission to make boring business blogs sparkle. To know more about Pritika follow her on other social media platforms and be a part of her incredible journey

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