Ways to Leverage Social Media for Events

In this age, social media has become immensely powerful and influential over the billions of users. It has evolved into a marketplace to target audience, attract them, and drive results through it.

Especially in the events industry, it is essential to create a positive awareness that can help the event to be a successful one and social media is the perfect choice to do so.

But why social media is the perfect choice for event promotion?

Social Media & Events

Believe it or not but there are over 3.5 billion active social media users and most of them using it daily for news, global updates, trending topics, content sharing, shopping, and much more.

Thus, as an event manager, you would like to leverage this opportunity to its maximum so that your event gets maximum exposure, reach, engagement, and results.

Besides, social media is a channel that is extremely effective and efficient when it comes to promotion & advertising. So, with these attributes, social media should be a prime choice.

Here we have mentioned a few ways you can leverage social media for events.

1. Create a Social Profile 

It is crucial for your event promotion that you create a social profile like a Facebook page, Instagram profile, or any other relevant social media profile as a base setup.

The profile should contain all the necessary information relating to the event so that the users can access the required details. Besides, it will also act as a touchpoint for social media users to interact and get their queries resolved.

Setting up of social profile is easy and does not require any financial investment. Also, it helps in building trust among users for the event’s authenticity and reliability.

2. Create An Event Hashtag


Again, along with creating a social profile, you should also create your unique event hashtag that the users or other stakeholders can use to share their ideas, opinions, feedback, experiences, etc.

The unique hashtag will help in expanding the reach, awareness, and exposure of the event to a broader audience which will maximize the chances of a successful event.

The hashtag will allow you to accumulate all the valuable user-generated content for your event that you can leverage later. Also, you can track the impact & buzz for your event on social media.

3. Invest In Social Media Advertising

It might not sound that great but it is hugely effective in grabbing the users’ attention and engaging them. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. will provide you the best advertising opportunities.

Using these social platforms, you can set your unique advertising goal, what action you want users to take in response, define the perfect target audience, their geo-location, ads run time, and many more in-depth elements to design perfect event ad recipe.

This targeted advertisement will help in getting maximum user attention and engagement with minimum investment. This will increase your returns on investment hugely.

4. Influencer Collaboration

Social media influencers have created their unique industry with a massive loyal following and many marketers are leveraging this to promote their offerings and grow their audience.

Not just for marketing, but these influencers are a perfect fit for event promotion as well. Like you can reach out to tech influencers for technology events, music influencers for your concerts, or fashion influencers for your fashion event.

These influencers will help you promote your event to their audience with more trust & authenticity. It will help you reach a huge audience, get more social shares, and much more.

5. Social Walls At Events

Written by Carol Sobers

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