7 Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Optimizing your website is just one aspect of creating an optimized, well-targeted, high traffic internet presence. But most people tend to neglect the importance of optimizing their Instagram profile, a social media tool that most people use to boost their popularity on the internet. While many strategies can be applied to optimize the platform (mainly used by social media users), here are seven mistakes to avoid when optimizing your Instagram account.

LOL, What else do you need to say? Opting for the wrong keywords for optimization can undoubtedly lower your search engine rankings and can even hurt your brand image and will drive away traffic from your account.

SEO and the number of keywords used are more about how you use your words and less about how many words you choose. I will break it down like this:

Search engines are extremely good at detecting low-quality content and penalizing them. The only way for you to get ranked in the first few pages of the search results is by properly optimizing your content and using high-quality keywords. When trying to optimize your Instagram profile, you should do the same thing as you would with your website.

First, keep in mind that with a focused keyword phrase, you can optimize your page easily. The main idea behind this approach is to make your Instagram account relevant to the niche you are looking to target, as you are aiming to convert viewers into customers.

Second, even though it might sound like a conspiracy theory to some people opt to rank high in Google with keywords that relate to the niche you are trying to target, some people think that people tend to avoid keywords that are related to a niche. This is not true.

Ranking high in Google rankings does not only depend on the number of keywords you use but also on how you use the right keywords. Search engines generally look for synonyms of the word you are using in your content to improve your chances of ranking high in the results, so always be mindful of what you write.

If you are a beginner, stick to two keywords per post or account, and try to pick keywords that relate to what you write. Keep in mind that the more competitive a niche is, the more critical it is to get a bit more creative with your keywords and find synonyms of your niche.

Last but not least, although it sounds counterproductive to use so many keywords in your post, it is the only way to drive your posts to the top pages of search engines for search terms that are used. Some marketers will find that they receive higher rankings on some sites because the search engines rank them based on the number of searches made, while others believe that the best websites are those that rank well due to the number of pages they rank in Google and Yahoo.

You should have no problem ranking well on the Google and Yahoo search engines because the way you optimize your profile is based on their algorithm that works for all the major search engines. However, you need to make sure that you optimize your profile to the content and not the keywords.

These are just a few of the mistakes that you should avoid when optimizing your Instagram account. Don’t forget to check out the other SEO articles in this series by clicking on the links below.

Written by Afifa Khan

I am CEO of leading Muslim fashion clothing company who sale online Islamic clothing like kaftans, caftan, salwar kameez. I have gained immense knowledge of fashion  and always try to share my experience with others by blogging.

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