US LG phone updating with Android 9 Pie

LG Electronics is a Korea based company manufacturing all types of home appliances, electronic gadgets, and smartphones. The first smartphone from LG was released in the year 2009 and the Tablet in the year 2011. Since then LG has come a long way to satisfy the customers by releasing newer models at regular intervals.

LG has released some of the best mobile phone models in recent years. The main issue with the LG smartphones was with the software updates. LG Company was unable to solve the update issue for some time. Initially, the electronic conglomerate started updating its smartphones in South Korea with Android 9 Pie software. Two of its mobile models, G7 One and G7 ThinQ were initially upgraded with the software.

As the earlier up gradation was done only done to the customers of the Korean region but now from July, the customers in the US will also be able to upgrade their mobile phones to Android 9 Pie. The update will need 10GB space so all the LG customers will need to have required space in their hardware for up gradation.

Why do you need Android 9 Pie on your phone?

Android 9 Pie is the latest operating system from the Android stable and it is the ninth major release and the 16th version of the Android mobile operating system.

Android 9 Pie has some of the coolest feature needed for today’s smartphone users. They are:

Adaptive Battery and Brightness

This feature enhances the battery life by controlling the battery usage required for various apps. The AI system learns about the various apps the user uses. According to the time spent on each app, the system allows battery usage accordingly. Even though this feature is a default feature you can also change the settings manually as per your requirement.

The brightness level of the screen will also be automatically adjusted as per the surrounding environment.

Gesture navigation

This has improvised from the older three button system of Back, Home and Recent to the new gesture-based navigation system.

Overview selection

When you press a text or a picture for a long time, this feature will show the actions for your selection.

Volume and Bluetooth

The slider for the volume is now on the right side. Two options for media and ringer volumes make it easier to control the media volume. By using the Note icon you can mute and unmute the volume.

You can connect simultaneously connect with 5 Bluetooth devices and when you receive a call, the Android Pie will route the call to the best Bluetooth capable of receiving the call. The Android Pie also remembers your last volume level and provides the same volume whenever you activate your Bluetooth.

Digital Wellbeing

The Digital wellbeing app will monitor your phone and usage. With the help of this app, you can set limits for using the various apps on your phone and prevents you from wasting time on unwanted apps.

The Do Not Disturb feature turns off all audio and video notifications and prevents distractions. The Wind Down feature will turn the screen to gray shade and notify your sleeping time.


Normally for screenshot in earlier versions, you need to use both power and volume button and in Pie, it is enough to use the Power button for Screenshot and using the Edit command you can immediately make any changes.

There are many more useful features in Pie which make actions for Apps and slices, Auto rotations easier than the previous versions. There are many more security features in the Pie.

When the phone gets locked it is easier to Unlock LG phone than any other phone. With the help of the Network, you can also unlock your LG phone any model like unlock LG g7 thinq

OR unlock LG stylo 4 

LG mobile company has satisfied many of its loyal customers by allowing the updating to Android 9 Pie. A mobile phone which cannot update is considered worthless by many phone users and the LG Company by its latest notification has prevented many of its customers from buying other companies phones. 

Written by David Clarke

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