Things That Will Make You Fall in Love with the Noteworthy City of Nottingham

Are you considering traveling to Nottingham? Maybe you need a little convincing or some reason to travel so we’ve put together 9 of the funniest, most unusual and interesting facts about Nottingham that will make you fall further in love with our beautiful city. 

The Home of Smallest Cinemas

Did you know that Nottingham has the world’s smallest cinema? It was set up by Stephen Metcalf, a passionate film enthusiast who wanted to give people a chance to see their favourite films in the cinema after they had expired from the bigger cinema chains. The 21-seat cinema is regarded as one of the most quirky and independent cinemas in the country.

Get to know Little John 

Little John is our endearing nickname Nottingham’s hour bell and is said to be the deepest toned and loudest in the entire UK. It rings every 15-minutes and can be heard as far as 7 miles away! The name is also Robin Hood-inspired and the bell is housed in the dome atop Nottingham City Hall at Old Market Square.

For the love of HP Sauce

In the age-old debate, HP or YR, Hp brown sauce is our winner every time. HP sauce was invented by Frederick Gibson Garton in 1895 in his packing factory in Nottingham and continues to be a staple in cupboards around the world to this day. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a hard taste to describe. Sort of sweet but bitter with fruity undertones and it goes excellently with bacon!

It grows Bramley Apples

Every single Bramley apple in the world is descended from the same tree in a Nottinghamshire garden. The nation’s favorite cooking apple originated in the pretty market town of Southwell 200 years ago and the original tree still bears fruit to this day. It’s quite literally the apple of Nottingham’s eye! We have an annual Bramley apple festival each year where you can enjoy everything from apple pie to apple martinis.

The History of Traffic lights

If it weren’t for Nottingham and our inventive and innovative residents, driving would be a very dangerous game. Traffic lights were invented here by Nottingham high school student John Peake Knight who came up with the solution in 1866, after seeing thousands of people being killed on the roads. The first set of lights were erected in Westminster, London

The Famous Batman Movie

Another little-known fact about Nottingham is that our very own Wollaton Hall, an Elizabethan country house dating back to the 1580s, was used as the setting for Wayne Manor in the popular Batman Movie, The Dark Knight Rises. The Nottinghamshire village of Gotham also attracts Batman fans, inspiring the naming of Gotham City when the Batman comics were created.

Snotingham – The Home of Snots

Don’t laugh but when Nottingham was first founded by an Anglo-Saxton Chief in 600AD, he gave his name to the village. Unfortunately, his name was Snot the Wise! The name Snotingham quite literally means the home (ham) of Snots people (ing) – the home of Snots. Thankfully the name was modernized by Norman influence relatively soon after.

The Annual Goose Fair

Since 1284, Nottingham has been hosting the annual Goose Fair, the oldest fair in the world. 700-years ago it was started so residents could buy and sell but it has evolved into a great family day out with no geese in sight. There are fairground rides, food and game stalls, live music and hundreds of locals come out to celebrate this inclusive event in October every year. 

The Hometown of Robin Hood

It will come as no surprise that Nottingham, particularly Sherwood Forest, is home to the world-famous character Robin Hood and his band of merry men so we had to give it a mention. Robin Hood, who notoriously stole from the rich to give to the needy, has inspired many street names, guided tours and stories across the city to this day.

Katie McGarr is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Nottingham, serviced apartments providing a fitting alternative to a traditional hotel stay for all kinds of guests and guest needs. Travel and lifestyle make up a big portion of what she mostly writes about. For her, the beauty of this world is worth-sharing and appreciating.

Written by Katie McGarr

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