Understanding the Web Development Trend of 2020

Understanding the Web Development Trend of 2020

The pace at which the new technologies are emerging with each passing year is simply fascinating. The world of technology is surging ahead regardless of the changing world orders, global pandemic situation, and its disastrous impact on our civilization, climatic changes, and economic downturn. The technological progress is the only constant that remains steady even during adversities and unforeseen events. The dynamic trend of Web development follows suit. In a way, we can say that Web development Trends rides the wave of technological development. Web developers need to stay abreast of the changing trends and emerging technological advancements. The year 2020 though not a remarkable year for any field but it had its share of success stories and emerging trends. The companies and business enterprises that thrive on technological innovations have to get adapted to new web development trends to ensure better connections with their customers/clients and increase market share.

For example, a service provider company would prefer to sharpen their ability to provide a 100% solution to its customers by using virtual customer care services or Chatbots that act like robots. An e-commerce platform would like to use AI – Artificial intelligence to analyze customer trends, taste and preference, records of last search/purchase and use the data to channelize the marketing initiatives, show the customers specifically those contents which they prefer, influence their future purchases. To achieve the desired success, the business establishments should have up-to-date websites and they must enroll trained professionals and web developers who are pro in changing trends and abreast with the latest technologies in the field of web development.

A recent survey on the latest web development trends throws light on the below technological advancements:

The magic of Voice optimization 

Voice recognizing compact devices, voice recognition option in your smartphones, voice recognizing website opening with your voice commands are not science fiction anymore. This futuristic technology has already gained popularity and has fast become a part of our daily lives.

Known as the voice search optimization technology, the mechanism acts according to your voice commands. It replaces the traditional system of typing your query and visit a search engine for a specific query. The search result is displayed on the device or web page after the speech recognition program clearly understands your speech.

Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa by Amazon, and Google Assistant are live examples of the voice optimization technology in use. Successful implementation of voice technology improves the user experience by many folds. It’s effortless and easy, time-saving, and intelligent. The trends show that incoming one/two years, more than 30% of the search engines and service provider websites will be fully using the voice optimizing technology. The technology shall continue to flourish and set an important trend in the field of web development. More companies shall adopt voice recognition programs shortly as a foolproof solution for their customer care and customer support vertical. It will help to reduce expensive manpower and human errors, more accurate solution providers, and higher customer satisfaction.

AI – Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

As the name indicates AI is the intelligence displayed by machines or an automated program used to provide error-free answers to customer queries and quality customer experience that’s prompt and recorded. Driven by technology AI works as a substitute for human intelligence where pre-programmed Chatbots are used to attend queries of the users or customers regarding product details, clarifications, quotations, complaints, general interaction, and other correspondence. The Chatbots can even provide solutions and answers to critical queries, help influence the final process of purchase.

The program using AI technology can understand and analyze even complex questions and tricky scenarios, thanks to the brilliance of the program developers who can pre-assess user’s behavior and minds and prepare the questioner and their solutions in a prefixed pattern. Hundreds of combinations of queries and answers are used, and the intelligence is fed into the system for the machine (Chatbots) to pick up, identify, and react.

Artificial intelligence is primarily a software technology that is integrated with the web development processes where human beings can interact with chatbots. The chatbots are aggressively being implemented on Apps that you download on your mobile phones, websites related to customer support and solution provider search engines, booking engines, banking sites commonly known to you as Net Banking/Online Banking. The AI technology is also used to add several additional layers of security to the financial sites or the existing commercial sites.

Nowadays using AI technology, it is possible to provide automated yet personalized support to the users and a very large customer base, without investing in training and manpower, cut down overhead expenses, save costs and improve profitability. A recent study has shown that by 2021 the demand for AI technology for web development is set to increase by 15% and in the coming years, more than 50% of the companies and professional establishments shall implement automated AI platforms. The technology is already emerging as a top web development trend in 2020 – 21.

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