Unveil the secret of web development trends

Unveil the secret of web development trends

The modern-day world is all about people connect. Be it an individual or an enterprise or perhaps the next brilliant startup/new business idea you have planned, you can never live isolated or shrouded in secrecy, in the modern world. To be seen and to be sought after is the only mantra to success (road to glory), and all the new age technology that we know around us are hands on to establish a stronger connect between people, to make human interaction more simpler and easier, provide fast solutions to services, push the bar higher in terms of consumer experience and customer satisfaction, increased use of virtual technology and robots replacing physical interactions to more reliable, fool proof, instant and secure connectivity.

In the world of mobile applications (Apps), our increased dependence on our smart phones, the world of web as a source of all our information, fast internet and lightning fast web sites, we are a restless lot of people who won’t compromise with speed and efficiency. The web development trends for times to come shall shape up as per the human behavior, our habits and the public demand. In a highly competitive space of Web development where survival is only for the fittest, the new age web developers has to be extremely innovative, stay updated with the latest technological trends and keep implementing path breaking ideas to keep afloat. The dynamics of web development is changing at such a rapid pace that if you into this field and stay away for a year, you might get left out and find yourself outdated.

The technology of Accelerated Mobile Pages 

The new decade is an age of pace but who does not like speed? We always wanted things to happen in a fraction of seconds, information to be available with us at a click of a button. The advent of mobile internet and mobile compatible websites proved as a game changer, it has completely transformed the way web development had happened in its near past. The technology was officially introduced by Google back in 2015 to provide the users an unmatched surfing experience in compact and handheld devices. Five years down the line the technology has seen several major refinement and upgradations to what we experience today. We are no more dependent on our PCs to open websites. The AMP technology ensures fast loading of websites and a great browsing experience to the users and customers. The Accelerated Mobile Pages are HTML copies of web pages that are lightweight and helps fast loading of pages, thus accelerating the performance of the mobile websites.

Mobile phones are our prized possession and we cannot live without it even for few hours either at home or at work. Such is our addiction with our beloved gadget, that we spend maximum number of hours while awake, checking on our mobile phones for everything, whether it is our calls, messages, social media updates, email correspondence or checking various web sites and Web Apps for various information. In such a scenario the necessity of having a technology that provides high speed web surfing experience is the need of the hour. All modern-day websites that are being developed are extremely mobile friendly due to the extremity of demand.

A survey on this subject has revealed that around Nine hundred thousand websites used AMP technology in year 2017 and by one year in 2018, the usage of AMP technology websites surpassed Thirty million. This has proven the inclination of the web developers who are now extensively using the AMP technology to enhance the web experience for the people. The survey has also shown that a non-AMP website takes about 22 seconds to load a page for the viewers whereas an AMP page takes less than two seconds.

Web App Technology 

How about a web site that acts like a mobile application? Yes, today as we speak about Progressive web apps, we mean web technology that provides an App like experience. Termed as a new technological milestone in the field of web development, Web Apps are widely popular as it’s combines the best of both contemporary website and mobile application. The PWAs have fast loading time, perfectly viewed on any smart phone device and highly responsive. It is more secure and provides unmatched web experience just like a mobile app. This highly efficient and user-friendly website cum mobile App is among the top trending web development technology in recent years.

A survey has shown that, faster is the upload speed of a website, higher is its ranking in Google search engine. It is noted that a majority of the web surfers, about 60% would prefer to abandon a website if it takes more than 3 – 4 seconds to load. PWAs can load very fast and at the same time function efficiently like a mobile application.

Web development trends has kept the world engaged with its new innovations, trend setting technological advancements, ensuring easy and enriched handling experience. In an atmosphere where experience matters the most, web developers never fall short of fulfilling user expectations.

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