Top Reasons For Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Are you feeling headaches, flushing, dizziness, chest pain, or any visual changes? Then it indicates that you’re suffering from hypertension or as we commonly say “high blood pressure”. It’s one of those conditions that aren’t obvious until they become super severe. Even then, there still is an exception. You might not even get any symptoms during its initial stages. However, it can become severe in years and start to show severe symptoms even like blood in the urine. If you feel such conditions, you must get immediate medical attention instead of ignoring the situation. And you must not wait for the symptoms to appear and get yourself checked instantly since it’s a highly dangerous thing to do to yourself.

How do these conditions hit a person? I mean, according to the whole description of hypertension, the symptoms don’t appear for a long while until they become severe. A lot of things might be going on in our bodies during this. But we don’t need to care about what’s going on inside. All we need to care about are the common causes of hypertension and pay attention to them. I’ll explain the causes of hypertension and tell you guys some treatments or lifestyle changes as a cure.

Causes Of Hypertension

There are a few factors that can primarily affect our bodies which is why it gets hypertension. Genetics, medicines, lifestyle is what I’m talking about. So basically, it depends on how you live mostly and the genetics as well. Of course, you can’t control or change your genes but you CAN bring about some change in your lifestyle, can’t you? Okay, let me list the causes below!

1.Use Of Salt, Cholesterol, or Fat

Do you know what people with low blood pressure consume in an emergency? Salt! When they feel like they’re losing blood pressure, they lick a bit of salt. It increases its pressure to an optimal level. However, having too much salt in foods is going to quickly boost your blood pressure and there you go – Hypertension! Also, don’t consume foods with fats and cholesterol too much or else you will regret it.

2.No Physical Activity

What makes you think that if you don’t move much, you can still be healthy? Your body is designed to be used, not to be relaxed all the time. If one relaxes too much and there’s no physical activity like exercising or yoga or anything, not even the house chores, then you’re slowly killing yourself due to high blood pressure.

3.Are You An Old-Age Person? Oh, That’s Why

When you become an elderly guy, probably above age 35 or 40, your heart condition starts to go down. It is a slow process so there’s nothing to worry. Plus, if you’re keeping your physical health okay, you don’t have to worry at all. So the older you get, the higher are the chances of getting hypertension.


Being overweight can cause many problems. They include high blood pressure too. The more you gain your weight, the higher your blood pressure will be. So it’s best that if you’re overweight, you start your exercises and diet plans immediately because just a little bit of weight loss can have an impact on your blood pressure.

5.Birth Control Medicines And Many Others

In women, the issue of high blood pressure is due to many reasons as well. One of them is taking birth control pills exclusively. However, many other medicines have such substances in them that cause hypertension. They include acetaminophen, alcohol, amphetamines, ecstasy (MDMA and derivatives), cocaine, caffeine, and many more. So if you’re on medication due to some reason, then the reason behind your high blood pressure could be those medicines. You should immediately seek medical attention and let the physician know your condition and the medication you’re already consuming.

6.Taking Too Much Stress? That’s It!

The good news is that stress cannot cause a long-term hypertension condition. However, it CAN cause a temporary one. One must not ignore this. When you are in a stressful situation, hormones start to produce. For them, the heart begins to beat faster. Therefore, there is more blood to flow through the blood vessels. Plus, stress can cause the blood vessels to narrow. Because of this, blood pressure rises quickly.

7.Consumption Of Alcohol And/Or Tobacco

It has an impact on the heart because both of these things are poisonous to human health. If you are smoking tobacco, you are slowly killing yourself in the process. It affects your lungs to the extreme and causes your heart to pump faster for compensation. You get tired very easily and quickly because of this. It ultimately causes high blood pressure. And drinking of alcohol will directly affect your autonomic nervous system. It will surely give you a spike in your blood pressure. There are many other substances in alcohol like sugar, a lot of calories, etc. that induce high body fat and ultimately a gain in weight. All of these have an enormous impact on hypertension.


Diseases are a part of life so if a person gets one, he or she shouldn’t get crazily worried over it. Instead, they should look for a solution to it with a calm heart and mind. Hypertension is an extremely serious condition and it must be paid attention to immediately. Go and see a doctor if you feel like you’re not able to control it.

You might get some medications for the treatment of hypertension and you must buy the medicines that are packed in high-end quality tuck packaging boxes. This presents the idea that the company is trusted since trusted and high-grade pharmaceutical companies get their tuck packaging boxes from brands like Dawn Printing. But even during your medication period, do not forget to keep exercising, cut down salt, fats, and cholesterol use in foods, cut down smoking and drinking (if you do), and lose stress.

Written by Jessica

Jessica Hamler is an enthusiastic blog writer who writes mostly on packaging boxes. She has been working for several packaging firms for years. Her bond with Dawn Printing (a printing and packaging service provider in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada) is still on the go and she doesn’t have any plans yet to end the contract

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