Top Ideas and Tips to Arrange a Wedding on the Beach


A wedding by the sea is the best solution for newlyweds who want to have an unforgettable and unique celebration. If you are true romantics who dreams of adventure and distant lands, then this option is perfect for you. With the following useful tips you will learn how to properly organize a celebration by the sea and what little things are important to consider so that your wedding goes perfectly.

If you have planned a beach celebration, you should consider a few important points so that your wedding goes off without a single hitch:

  • Choice of location. If you live in a region near the sea or ocean, you are very lucky, because you will need a minimum of effort to organize a celebration. If you live far from the sea, you will have to resolve all issues with organizing a wedding on the beach remotely. First, you need to choose the location and a route to get there or book a flight if you want to celebrate it abroad. For a summer wedding, countries such as Spain, Italy or Greece are well suited, and in the case of winter celebrations, it is best to stay in Thailand or Egypt. If you want something more exotic, you can fly to Bali or the Maldives;
  • Guests. Do not forget that you will most likely have to pay for wedding tickets for guests yourself. That is why you should calculate how many people you can invite to your holiday. It’s okay if you won’t be able to call all your relatives and friends. First of all, this is your holiday, and you should celebrate it the way you dreamed of. And for relatives and friends, it will be possible to arrange a mini-party upon arrival home.

How to Organize a Wedding Near the Sea

Most of the beaches are public property, so you have every right to have a ceremony there. But remember that you may not be alone – it is impossible to limit access to a public beach. Therefore, if you want a secluded wedding without outsiders, look at private beaches or check if it is possible to rent a public beach you like. There is a chance that you will need a special permit for alcohol and music.

Organization of a buffet table and decor

If you decide to organize a wedding by the sea, you should pick up a few ideas for the decor of the holiday, as well as plan a gala dinner. All this you can do by yourself, especially if you are fluent in foreign languages. However, you can entrust all management issues to special firms that organize weddings. This will save you time and nerves, and professionals will help your dream wedding come true.

Photographer and videographer

Such a significant event as a wedding, and even in an amazingly beautiful place, cannot be left without the attention of the photographer’s lens. A wedding by the sea will give you incredibly stylish, colorful, and romantic photos that you will want to review over and over again. If you are planning a wedding abroad, there are two ways you can do it – bring your own nj wedding photographer or use a local one. In the first case, you will need to pay for the flight and housing for a specialist but the language barrier will be removed. In the second case, you will only need to meet with the photographer on the designated day, but knowledge of a foreign language may be useful to you. One way or another, your celebration should remain not only in memory but also in the photo.

Beach Style Wedding Stages

There are many ideas for organizing a wedding on the beach. Usually, the holiday is divided into three such stages:

  • Wedding ceremony. If you are planning to organize a wedding on the islands or in another exotic place, it is best for you to hold a marriage registration right there, because it will be incredibly beautiful and memorable. You can decorate the arch with fresh flowers, as they will add an even more romantic atmosphere to the holiday. You can also use light-flowing fabrics that will flutter in the wind. A wedding ceremony on the beach will be even more beautiful if the surrounding space is decorated with colorful rose petals or exotic flowers;
  • Romantic dinner. No beach wedding is complete without a romantic candlelit dinner on the seashore so that the newlyweds can fully experience the charm of being in a warm country. A snow-white tablecloth, light snacks, and musicians who will play pleasant music – the perfect wedding, isn’t it? If you are planning to book a small restaurant for you and guests by the sea, then be sure to use blue and white tones in the decor, as well as as many natural decor elements as possible, such as shells, stones, and corals. If you have chosen a pirate wedding scenario for yourself, you can use themed attributes in the form of ships, steering wheels, or bottles with letters in the decoration of festive tables;
  • Photoshoot. If your wedding is on the sea, you will definitely want to take unique photos in this beautiful place. Walk along the coastline, look for beautiful bridges or piers, cozy bays with boats, or beautiful flowering corners near the sea. A wedding photo shoot on the beach will be fun and unforgettable if you decide to get your dress and run along the foamy edge of the surf.

The Look of the Bride

The image of the bride on the beach is a little different from the classic wedding image because to create it, you should adhere to the principles of minimalism in the choice of outfits and accessories.

Wedding dress

As an outfit for the bride, a mini dress made of light fabric is best so that the bride does not feel hot. A dress for a wedding that will take place on the sea can be long but try to use only natural materials. A long train or veil will add a highlight to the image. A wedding dress for a cozy sea wedding can also be replaced with a suit in the form of a light top and skirt – stylish and modern!

Beach wedding shoes

As shoes for a beach dress for a bride, light summer shoes or ballet flats are best suited. However, if you want to add a touch of femininity, you can put on open sandals that will gracefully emphasize the beauty of your legs. For a photo shoot, you can completely abandon your shoes and walk barefoot along the coast.


Having picked up shoes and a wedding dress for a wedding on the coast of the sea, it’s time to decide on accessories. For a beach wedding, it will be better to keep your jewelry selection minimalistic, because, under the scorching sun, you may feel uncomfortable. The image of the bride for a beach wedding can be supplemented with a floral wreath or bracelet. It is best if the hair and makeup are as natural and simple as possible. You can use flowers to create a beautiful image.

If you think over the organization of a wedding celebration on the beach to the smallest detail, then you will get a unique holiday that will give not only a lot of positive emotions but also a billion amazing photos.

Written by Amelia Grant

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