The Unique Karambit Will Change The Way You Look At Knives

We are all familiar with blades and what they can do for us. Some are built to be used for prepping food and some for messier works like hunting. Then there are some convenient and sturdy knives in the middle that can do it all.

Karambit is one such knife that’s smaller than most but has a great blade that’s sharp and steady. If you haven’t had the chance to use a karambit knife, now might be the time.

The History Of Karambit Knives

Created in Indonesia, the curved claw-like blades have become quite popular in the United States. You can find various modernized versions of this ancient weapon that’s made from more durable materials. Initially, something as deadly as Karambit was only used in gangs or warfare. Eventually, people started utilizing the unique blade for other non-violent purposes as well.

What Is A Karambit Used For?

  • Self defense

One of the main reasons that karambits are used is for safety. Since they are curved and can be held firmly, they make excellent slashing weapons. They can prove to be quite useful in a fight to save your life or someone else’s.

  • Carving

Chopping hard material – most people also like to use karambits as survival tools. They have a unique blade that can be held like a dagger or like a pocket knife, both ways. You can use the curved knife to carve wood, chop wood, peel hard food, and cut meat.

  • It works as a pretty good hunting tool as well. The sharp point can hook into the meat and can slash an animal. It can be used to skin and butcher game.
  • In the case of an emergency, karambit is a pretty good first-aid knife. It has a finger ring that makes it easy to hold. It can rip clothes to make bandages and cut off traps in dire situations.

Are Karambits Illegal In Texas?

  • While some states don’t allow the use of karambits for their reputation, Texas is not one of them.
  • Almost all kinds of knives are legal in Texas, as they all have varied uses.
  • As for the rest of the United States, federal law permits the use and purchase of karambits.
  • For a knife to be legal for regular use, they have to be 3.5 to 5 inches in length. That means that it is regulated to carry most karambits in the United States.
  • Like any other weapon, the possession and use of a knife in committing a crime or intimidation are illegal.

Quality Karambit for Sale in the United States

If something is as useful and diverse as a karambit, it must be abundantly available as well. Like other weapons, you can find these fantastic knives for sale in online stores and local markets. The best quality and variety, however, is available online by licensed dealers.

You can buy professional-grade, tactical karambits to ease your outdoor adventures. And the best part of that is that the blade’s unique design doesn’t affect its price.

If you have an eye for spotting high-quality goods that are also affordable, you’ll find multiple options online. Among the many benefits of buying from online retailers is survey products and choosing the best-suited.

Buy The Best Knife From Knife Import

If you consider buying karambits that fit the quality, design, and price bill, then head on over to Knife Import. They are the leading online retailers of the best weapons, including knives.

You can always look in your local stores to get something similar, but you might have limited options. With more than a dozen best-selling products, the right karambit is just a click away.

What To Buy When Buying Karambits?

The seasoned knife users have a knack for knowing what they need. If you are an amateur and you have just started using knives other than the chef ones, you are in luck. Here are some essential functions and brands to look out for, especially for karambits.

  • Mtech karambit is one of the finest blades you will find anywhere in the country. They are not just robust and well-made, but also quite long-lasting. Made from the best metals, the curved Mtech blade can slash circles around generic karambits.
  • Tac Force also boasts of some fantastic knives that are tactical and multi-purpose. They are mostly preferred for survival training and other adventures and can be quite handy.

How Much Do Karambit Knives Cost?

Focusing on the price, you can always find something that suits your budget. Even if you splurge and decide to buy expensive blades, karambits don’t cost as much as you think. You can find the most best-selling options online, ranging from as low as $3.99 to the most splendid for $21.

This range seems unlikely given that a karambit has small features like finger grips, serrated blades, and glass breakers. As iterated before, if you want quality and style in one place, you buy online. The secret is purchasing wholesale knives from Knife Import.

They are the most trusted dealers of durable, multi-purpose, and cool knives at wholesale rates. What could be better than buying effective blades that cost you less than an average meal? Perhaps knowing that you will get your money’s worth from knives that belie their price in quality.

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