The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Glass in Your Interior

Light-boosting, space-enhancing, sleek and sturdy, glass is one of the most popular materials when it comes to interiors. It offers a wide variety of colors, textures, reflections, and styles, allowing you to create unmatched architectural elements. Another reason why designers love glass is because of its ability to elevate the spatial qualities of a space. Glass creates an illusion of expansiveness, making even the most cramped-up spaces look big and well lit.

Thanks to modern development, the fragility and transparency of glass are no longer an issue. Now you can get sturdy glass in any thickness, texture, and finish that’s suitable for your home interior. Manufacturers use low-iron tempered glass for interior projects; this technique eliminates the risk of the glass cracking or breaking.

From glass doors to stair railings, here are all the ways you can incorporate glass into your interiors.

Glass Tabletops

There are many ways to incorporate glass into your tabletops. From patio tables to dining tables and workstations to entertainment consoles, glass adds a sleek and luxurious look to your furniture. In feng shui, glass is considered a water element. It’s known for bringing healthy energy and fluidity to a space when used right. With glass table tops, you can welcome positive energy in the functional spaces of your home.

Glass adds a protective layer to your expensive furnishings, such as high-quality wood, without obstructing the view. Get your custom glass tabletop here.

Interior Doors

Easy on the eyes and sophisticated, glass doors are a great alternative to traditional interior doors. Adding a glass door to the living room creates a stunning indoor-outdoor living experience. You get diffused natural light and an overall serene atmosphere. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your room getting too cold in winter or warm in summer because modern glass has energy-efficient properties and lets in ample sunlight.

Fluted Glass Cabinets

With typical glass cabinets, there’s the pressure of constantly organizing your crockery and hiding mismatched mugs. But with fluted glass, you can get the elegance of glass without having to worry about the display. It has a stunning grooved texture that adds depth to the interior, complementing the existing woodwork of your cabinets. You can add fluted glass cabinets to the kitchen, bathroom, or other space.

Modern Shower Enclosures

It’s time to replace your shower curtain and screens with a modern, minimalist shower glass door. Adding a glass door to your shower space brings openness to an otherwise drab and dated bathroom.

Typically, bathrooms are the smallest rooms in the house and don’t have the best natural lighting. If you’re someone who loves taking long showers, adding a glass door will breathe life into the space. Glass will make your bathroom look bigger in size, and its reflective properties will illuminate it. In addition, they are easier to clean than other shower screens and keep the water from spilling outside. So you’re getting both aesthetic, and functional benefits with shower glass doors.

Consider adding a frameless glass door for a spa-like look.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer great storage space without taking up any floor space. When made out of glass, they offer a seamless look. They look great in bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, living rooms, etc. Although glass shelves are sturdy, you should still be careful about the things you put on them. Also, make sure they are properly mounted to the walls.

Shower Doors of Austin uses tempered glass that is sturdy enough to hold weight without breaking. Their team also installs them properly to prevent any hazards.

Glass Partitions

You can use glass partitions to divide small and big spaces. They add a lot of character to the room, especially if you use decorative features like custom-etched glass. You can also get slightly tinted glass in metal frames to make the space look chic. Add effects of running water or raindrops for elevated visual aesthetics.

Moreover, you can also get sliding glass partitions for smaller spaces like apartments, offices, or studios. They create a wall between two spaces and can be opened when needed.

Modernize your Staircase

Replace your dated banisters and handrails with sleek glass railings. You can add frames or go frameless for a sleeker look. Frameless glass railing facilitates light flow, adds openness, and delivers stunning visual aesthetics. When fabricated and installed correctly, they are safe to use.

Due to the increased flexibility of glass, it can be transformed in any shape according to your staircase, from curved to straight. While cleaning your glass railings, avoid using abrasive scrubbers or harsh cleaners. A soft cloth with soap and water will be enough.

Wine Rooms

Gone are the days when you had to store your wine collection in the basement to preserve its quality. You can now get advanced, climate-controlled wine rooms in your home. With a glass wine room, you get to display your collection to your guests and have easy access. Wine rooms are becoming popular these days; they add character and elegance to a home. Many people are even getting faux wine rooms to get the same effect.

Custom Mirrors

Adding custom wall mirrors is a great way to make a statement. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and styles according to each room’s requirements. A long round floating mirror would make a great entrance to the home, whereas a tall free-standing mirror will elevate your bedroom or living room.

You can strategically choose the position of the mirrors to increase the light in your home. For example, placing a mirror near the window will boost illumination, making the room look bigger than usual. This shows that you’re getting many benefits by adding custom mirrors.

Get Customized Glass Interior from Shower Doors of Austin

Shower Doors of Austin is a glass interior company offering its services to homeowners, architects, designers, and builders in Austin. You can get all kinds of glass products customized to your requirements.

The company offers shower doors, glass table tops, custom wine rooms, stair rail glass, and many other interior solutions. Its glass specialists take care of everything, from fabrication to design and installation. Contact them for details.

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