The Search Console Removals Tool: Newly Launched By Google

Search Console Removals Tool

Google’s latest update 2020, has now launched. The new feature of google search console has updated with the new tool. So have looked at the features of the new device named Removal Tool its search console. With the help of this tool, you can check, remove, filter, and update the things on your website.

Overlook of the new feature of removal tool:

  1. The removal tool will provide temporary hide URL from showing in Google search
  2. It also shows you which content is outdated and not shown in the google search.
  3. Show your URL which is filtered by Google’s safe Search (adult content)

Go through the below critical points for understanding the new removal tool: lets’ have a look.

Temporarily removal

By using this tool, the user can remove URLs, which is shown in the google search. One more thing is about the temporary deleted URL: it does not mean that URL delete from google indexing. The URLs are hidden from six months in search results.

  1. Temporary removal: URL will hide from the google search result for six months.
  2. Clear cash removal: clears the cached page and page description in the Search until the crawling task done again by google.

Here is the screenshot:

Search Console Removals Tool

Outdated Content

On removal request via user, remove an outdated content tool, provides all the information. Anyone can use this tool to update their search result and get the benefit for the google ranking. Your visitors will be also aware that your site has no more outdated content, and your site contains only fresh and trending content. This producer will not impact on your last six-month history of all requests. Here is the snap:

Search Console Removals Tool

Google safe search filtering

For the webmaster tool and SEO, SafeSearch is hard for debugging. If you get confused about why your content is being blocked? Is Google considered as adult content? So, this tool will help you to answer those questions. By using the SafeSearch suggestion tool, you can get the history of the page, which is considered as adult content. Google also checks the URLs submitted by them, too; if Google feels the result filtered by safe Search is correct, then those URLs tagged as the adult content.

Here is the screenshot:

Search Console Removals Tool

The reason behind the update from Google

By using this search console tool, you can check and update your content, which is outdated and filtered by safe Search from the third party. It will provide you a platform; from there, you can not only unblock your content removal request for outdated content too.

Way to access the tool

You can access the tool with these steps:

  1. Go for google search console
  2. Index menu
  3. Removals

You can directly go for to access the tool by selecting the property.

So, figure out the whole new update before you find your search result get down. You need to find out the correct way before work on this feature.

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