Different Type of Business Phone Services

It looks like you can’t go anywhere without your current phone. And if you are a business owner, having a reliable small business telephone system is a must. Without a sound business phone system, you can lose big points on customer service and lose direction that generates profits.

Fortunately, small business owners who need a telephone system have a variety of choices. What is right for you will depend on your company’s size, your call volume, where your staff works, and your budget.

Which is The Best Business Phone System?

Keep in mind, along with this list, the cost and quality of traditional small business telephone systems will vary based on local and regional telephone companies near you. VoIP phone services (Voice over Internet Protocol) and virtual telephone services are more comfortable than the same company providing national services.

  • Ring Central

RingCentral offers more than 50 features to accommodate almost all small business needs. Some parts are the standard you would expect in a sound telephone system, such as call waiting, speed dialing, and conference calls. However, other features stand out, such as call recording, service number virtual built-in, and video calls/screen sharing. You can call, send faxes, or text from your business phone or any cellular device.

Set with RingCentral is easy. Because this is a VoIP service (more details about this later), you don’t need special or expensive equipment than the actual cellphone. You can buy a phone from RingCentral or an outer vendor. If you purchase it from RingCentral, they come pre-configuration directly from the box. And wherever you buy a cellphone, a RingCentral Account Specialist will guide you through the settings.

  • 8*8

You will have trouble finding a smaller business phone system that is more reliable than eight × 8. The company has nine data centers distributed throughout the world. Of course, if you have internet spots in your business place, which can interfere with your telephone system because VoIP phone runs on the internet.

The setting with 8× 8 is comfortable. You buy a cellphone that has been configured from 8 × 8, or buys a cellphone from a separate vendor. 8 × 8 offers free installation steps to get you going. Overall, 8 × 8 has fewer features than RingCentral but has all the basics needed by most small businesses. You will get your bang bag if you make an international call or send internet fax.

  • GrassHopper

No hardware is required to install with grasshoppers because it functions with your existing telephone system. You can get a local phone number, pulse, or vandal and can continue the incoming call to the number. When you call out to the customer, they will see a new number even if you call from your cellphone or your private home phone. Other features are also available, such as unique Voicemail sayings, automatic officers, voicemail for email transcription, and conference call capabilities.

Because this is not a complete VoIP telephone system, you cannot access certain features such as call recording and video conferencing. Grasshopper service plans ranging from $ 29 for one number and three extensions and up to $ 89 for five points and extensions without limits.

  • Mitel

Good phone option for companies with heavy-duty call center services. Why? Because they offer traditional telephone system equipment for customer service staff directly. The equipment is rich in features and provides integration of web chat, universal queue, and returning customer calls. Besides, this phone system works very well with the third party applications.

  • Nextiva

Nextiva is an option for business with any size that wants to improve its customer service. Plus, their telephone solution helps strengthen communication in the office and switch to an integrated platform.

This phone system helps the business of various sizes to make their customer service stronger. They have access to the CRM (Customer Relations Management) system that is easily used and affordable. Plus, Nextiva can also install chat directly on their website and do a feedback survey so that your company stays focused on what things … all of which are explained by paying customers.

The point is that most business owners need a small business telephone system. Studies show that more customers prefer text or email to voice calls, but the modern business phone system accommodates various communication types.

There are options at each price point, and your customers will have a better experience when they contact your company. In the end, that’s what makes your business memorable and will make customers return.

Written by Ammy watson

Amy is an experienced business analyst and loves writing articles related to business and management. Her articles focus on very informative and researched pieces of information.


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