Some Useful Tips For 11 Plus Exam Preparation

Speaking about the 11 Plus exam, it is a selective entrance exam conducted by different grammar schools in the UK. This exam includes four major disciplines, such as verbal reasoning, maths, English comprehension, and non-verbal reasoning. However, the disciplines included in the exam will vary from one school to another. Some schools may require the students to go through an additional writing exam.

Well, if your children are in 4 or 5, you should start thinking about how to prepare them for this exam effectively. Most of the students may not have experienced such an exam before. They must know what to expect from the exam so that they can clear the exam. Here are some useful 11-plus exam preparation tips that can help them out with this.

Start Preparation Little Early

As a parent, you need to keep in mind that you should not put pressure on your kid. And to avoid pressure, you can take steps to begin 11 plus exam preparation early. As per the experts, year 5 is a perfect time for preparation. But your children can begin preparation at year 4. When they begin preparation early, with the help of a private tutor online, they can easily manage their schoolwork and exam preparation.

Practice A Lot

No matter what the topics are, preparation is crucial to boost confidence levels. If your child has been practicing the exam’s unique format and understands the content, then he/she will feel more confident and reassured. So, allow your kids to practice as much as they can, as, for some kids, this exam can be very challenging. Arrange 11 Plus mock exam practice papers for your kids and make sure the practice papers focus on non-verbal, Maths, Verbal, and English.

Increase Reading Habit

A perfect vocabulary will help a lot in this exam. It has been seen that students who read more, including both no-friction and friction, can do much better in the 11-plus exam as they express themselves properly in the literacy paper. On the other hand, reading also helps in understanding verbal reasoning’s language pattern.

As per the experts, non-frictions can boost a kid’s ability to understand factual statements, and they can detect key information. On the other hand, fiction can help them to learn how to code stories logically and chronologically in their brains. So, try to add these things to your child’s 11-plus exam preparation routine.

Taking Help of Professional Tutor

For both parents and children, it is essential to understand where to focus their time. And to best make use of the time, it is advisable to take the help of a private tutor online. Even though your teaching skill is effective and diverse, a professional private tutor will come equipped with years of experience and knowledge about the exam. Besides, they also know to get to the core of the issue faster.

When hiring a tutor, don’t forget to check the professional history of the tutor and ensure that they have sufficient teaching experience. If possible, talk to the previous students of the tutor to know the teaching style. Go for a trial lesson. Remember that the teaching style of the tutor can greatly influence your child’s performance. So, choose a private tutor online wisely.

Use Space Repetition Method

Well, the earlier you begin, the slower you will go. Sometimes, your kids may not be able to understand at an early stage. So, you need to check the sticking point every day. And the best and most effective way to do that is using spaced repetition method. Different studies have proved that this method can help your kid to store information in the brain for a long time. During the preparation, you need to space out repetitions of subjects that your kids find challenging. If required, don’t hesitate to take the help of a tutor.

Don’t Waste Time on Just One Question

As the competition level to get a seat in a good grammar school in the UK has gone up, it has become important for students to demonstrate better academic ability along with higher levels of accuracy and excellent speed. If your kid spends more time on a difficult question, your kid will not get sufficient time to cover the easy questions.

That’s why they should develop time management skills. You can take the help of personalized timed tests that let students monitor and evaluate their accuracy and speed. As a result, they will be able to cover more questions correctly within the given period. Ask your kids to cover the easier questions first and then deal with the difficult questions.

Final Words

 With regular practice, it will not be difficult for your child to clear the exam. On the other hand, you can always hire a private tutor online to make your kid’s 11-plus exam preparation comfortable and easier.

Written by Mike William

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