Some Common Question Related to Erectile Dysfunction

It is very common for our society to not talk about sexual illnesses. Talking about such private issues is surely not easy but the lack of information could lead to serious problems. Just like any other medical condition erectile dysfunction is also an illness that could happen to anyone. A large number of males in our society have erectile dysfunction but they do not talk about it.

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is basically the inability of a person to attain an erection for intercourse with their partner. If you are experiencing erection problems once in a blue moon then it might be due to the stress and it is very natural. However, if the problem is persistent and you cannot enjoy a happy intimate life with your partner then it is definitely something to worry about. Pharma companies such as Oz Meds Online are providing quality medication to the ED patients but you should always consult your doctor before using them.

How to Identify ED?

There is a lot of misconception about erectile dysfunction and often people are confused about whether they have it or not. To resolve that mystery for you have to check whether you have these symptoms or not.

  • Low levels of libido resulting in lack of interest in intimate relationships
  • Premature ejaculation in an arousal state
  • Inability to have an orgasm

If you experience these symptoms continuously for more than 2 months then you are most likely suffering from ED.

Do ED Symptoms Are A Cause of Concern?

Where erectile dysfunction is taking its toll on your relationships it could be an indication of some underlying chronic health condition. There are a lot of illnesses that could cause ED and they require immediate treatment.

  • Heart diseases
  • Blocked or damaged blood vessels
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s diseases
  • Sleep apnea
  • Psychological problems

Most of these diseases are very serious and if you Buy generic Priligy 60mg Online without any doctor’s recommendation then it could make things worse for you. Therefore, you have to consult a doctor for the right treatment of your problem as the magic blue pills might not work for you.

What Causes ED?

There are certain factors that have a direct relation to the development of erectile dysfunction. Some of these factors are:

Tobacco – smoking tobacco narrows downs your blood vessel which results in a hindered supply of blood to your penis. Moreover, it damages your heart lungs and arteries which could lead to other serious diseases.

Obesity – if you are an overweight person you are highly likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. As obesity reduces the blood supply to the penis.

Cancer – being a cancer patient you are bound to go through different therapies. Radiation therapy and surgeries closer to the pelvic region could result in ED.

Injuries – if you have suffered from some kind of injury that could potentially damage the nerves connected to your penis could cause erection problems.

Alcohol and Drugs– consuming too much alcohol and doing drugs certainly increases your chases of ED.

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